Monday, May 31

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Well my weekend was great! Did some swimming, had lunch at the restaurant, scored some free Adirondack chairs that just needed some paint, sat out on the patio with my new lantern and drinks with Brooke, saw the stars, read more of my book etc. All good things.

I also have a pretty crazy burn but thanks to the lotion I rely on every year to get me out of situations like these, I'm doing fine and it's looking pretty tan today. They better still make it because I have to finally buy another for the cottage. Also to be noted, Sean and I had some kind of competition to see if we could look like we just got back from Costa Rica. He had a head start on me from last weekend but wanted to kill his farmers tan and then embroiled himself in a competition with me and my Italian blood for the rights to TANNEST in the house. That means I ended up burned and he ended up with fucking heat stroke. It's not even the first time! In any case I think we accomplished the goal of looking like the average idiot couple who traveled to Costa Rica with Pam cooking spray instead of sun screen and spent too long drinking at the swim up bar. Think of all the money we saved!

So I had this idea today while I was out at playgroup with a bunch of "moms" and we were in our various "momversations" .. I thought, you know, there should be a kind of moms only trending topics like on twitter. I am pretty sure moms everywhere have our same conversations so if you'll allow me I'll give you my very own Monday Mo'nin Mom trending topics.

What's happening right now:


I put hairstyles at number one because one lady, who is always really put together, actually complimented my total 'bedhead in a hair clip' that was going on this morning and asked me how I did it. Seriously!! For a minute I thought my sarcasm detector was broken but then I realized she really meant that. If the just woke up hair is IN now I am so going to look awesome everyday. Please let that happen!


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