Monday, June 14


My weekend was awesome.  Not that we're in a competition here but if we were I am sure nomatter what you did I wouldn't trade you.  I mean, my Friday started with champagne in a bathrobe because I was so oily from my 2 hour massage and facial.  But I can always go into the weekend another time, it's only Monday.  No, today I'm posting a great idea for a Father's Day gift if you have a rather generous Dad.

Donate $20 his name to Charity Water: giving one person clean water for 20 years.  They give you a neat e-card and everything.  And with this charity you can be assured 100% of your money goes to their freshwater projects which you can check out a breakdown of the money soon on the site.  I know my Dad would like the idea (along with some dinner of course) so I encourage all of you to consider donating for your next occasion!


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