Wednesday, June 30


I had a dream last night that involved me being on stage at an Erika Badu concert, sitting at a piano in front of her as she was performing with my laptop and taking a picture behind me of the huge crowd with my photobooth.  Not sure if I was playing the piano or just sitting at it by the way.  Someone in the crowd close to the front went on about how they thought it was so stupid I was taking a picture of myself, so I turned around to show them, and they acted like they were super surprised I could hear them.  I think we were in Vancouver maybe because there were huge ski mountains in the background of my picture.  Afterward I saw my Dad and told him about it and he was upset he wasn't there since he is a HUGE Erika Badu fan (not really).  Then I took my cousins back to the chalet I was staying at because I had an outdoor hot tub .. it was pretty fun but the bummer was I realized I had two fake legs and they fell in.

And this is the only dream I can remember for a month or so, so I take this as a good sign.  Guess I really am starting to feel better!


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