Friday, June 4


I got a postcard in the mail today from my Grandma. Before I go into that I'd like to point out that I am absolutely astonished at the postal system for their ability to even deliver this to my house. I am not going to make light of the fact my grandparents a little undereducated (even though they can't work a cell phone, dvd player or debit card) I fully understand it was a different time and schooling was optional AND I love that my Grandma tried her best to send me something - but I am giving some serious props to the post office for delivering something that

1. our last name, our city and our street are all misspelled

2. has NO postal code on it at all
3. the house number is about 200 houses off
4. added 'avenue' to the address for some reason, just to confuse them further?

It's a fucking miracle, because all she got right was CANADA and one first name.

Valdango - City Center

That said.. this morning the postcard made me really miss the summer I spent there. Valdagno is the city where my family is from, it's a nice little valley and it's fairly close to other very popular cities. When I was there I got a few postcards from friends back home I'd make sure to save and read while tanning at the pool and it was basically like gold to me.. so it just reminds me there were a hundred little things like that, private moments for myself. To be fair though, at 16 every moment is a private moment you're living in some fantasy land; all I spent my time doing was reading, listening to songs on repeat, daydreaming and journal keeping. When you think about it I basically lived on the moon; add a bunch of people who don't speak English, historic cities/buildings and crazy foods and it's a perfect storm of best summer ever. It didn't help that when I was there people would do the strangest stuff for me like heat up my milk for my coco krispies every morning or buy me tiny bottles of Coke, too. The moon, I tell you!

Maybe I miss the few private moments to myself since those are pretty rare.. so I'm glad to be going away next weekend. Not to the moon or anything but, figuratively speaking, maybe like Salt Lake City? Haha. Hey, they have a really cool breakfast diner there I want to eat at someday. Just saying!


Brian said...

Dude, that deserves a scan of the card sent to me by e-mail or twitter!

Ann.Marie said...

check your twitter DM! i included the correct answer key lol

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