Monday, June 21

Summer is Official

There are two requirements that I have to declaring it officially summer which have nothing to do with the calendar date which told me it was summer yesterday.

  1. when Wes announces his birthday plans and
  2. when the attention whores on facebook change their profile pics them in a bikini and wait around for everyone to comment on it.

    It's been an HOUR! would somebody please tell me I'm pretty?

i'll holla with bday plans when i know whats up
will be a shit show nonetheless
can't wait :):)
no hookers though this year
i'll make you a fries sandwich birthday cake
oh really why?
thats wicked
the aids epidemic of 09
that's pretty responsible
im sure we'll have a good time without them!
haha i hope!

If you're a resident and/or commuter to Toronto this week is obviously going to be super interesting due to the G20 Summit. The hype at this point has made my predictions twofold: by weeks end either Toronto will be a literal smoking hole in the ground OR most extremist protest groups will up their game by turning themselves into zombies. Zombie warfare just can't be ignored! Think about that. Or, you know, nothing will happen and we'll be stuck with a stupid looking steel shrine to the Berlin wall all over the city.

Answer from yesterday: the German
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