Friday, June 25

There has been a few instances lately that have caused me to think a little bit about friendships in my life.  While the specific mentions of them were all very much light hearted and in fun, I do find thinking of it all at once like that has made my heart a bit too heavy for me to manage at the moment.   Like leaving all the windows in the house open on a hot night, then it rained, and you notice the next day everything has a little damp feeling to it.  Kinda gross but not much you can do about it.

I have some extremely long friendships and I like that about my life.  I mean I've actually laughed at the scene in I Love You Man when he's leaving a message on an answering machine because that's exactly what happens to me.  It's insane, ok, I turn into an insane person.  Luckily everyone I know finds that perfectly acceptable of me so it's not really a problem.

I have had friends who are no longer my friends, and it's always made sense when we were no longer friends anymore.  Or whittled down the bulk of the friendship to best wishes and keep in touch's.  I've had one of my best friends pick up and move across the country, and it's made sense why she's not coming back.  Her experience led her to a really great guy for her and I wouldn't change it just to have her close by.  I've on the other hand had a very good friend of mine who is no longer my friend because she's gone, I would change that but I accept why I can't and therefore it makes sense.  Now another one of my best friends has come home from another country and is planning on moving there within a years time.  I couldn't possibly be too upset about that since she's very happy and my point is all of these situations aren't really about me.  I've learned that by the simple fact many of my friendships have been extremely long ones.  It's benefited me quite a lot by that but nonetheless this seems like a point where as much as it all makes sense, I'm quite sad.  By all of it.


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