Wednesday, June 16

weekend pictures

So Friday was great and yes we spent 2 hours at the spa and yes I wanted a nap when we were finished (and yes.. I'll admit the massage was so good I almost didn't care at all where the masseuse's hands were which were dangerously close to making sure if my boobs were real or not.  I was that care-free).

After that we had tea and desserts in their big spa pool area with all these pillows everywhere.  I think that was my favourite part of the weekend until we got to our room where there were tonnes of strawberries covered in chocolate and chilled champagne waiting for us.  Then the lines started getting blurry of what was my favourite part exactly.  Dinner was fantastic, my shoes hated me, and then we went to a little movie theater. 

in case we wanted to literally stay forever

balcony i'm not sure i should have had champagne on


The next day was fun too but the rain and our bags made us grab an earlier train back home after dinner.  We drank a bunch of long island iced tea, bikini-tini's and gin and lemonade.. and I almost threw up for the first time in quite some time.  Mixing drinks is awful and I felt like I should have known that?  Ann the Tank is crying right now, wherever she is. 

I finished my book on Sunday which I was excited about having not done so in nearly a year.   While it wasn't the ending I was hoping for, I still liked the book a lot.  Alice's struggle with memory is so incredible.. I won't ruin anything (though you'd imagine I'd love to) but if anyone has read it please let me know your take on the ending.  Were you also a little distraught about it or do you think maybe that was the point of the book?   I was also a little annoyed at the undertones of elitism in the book, as if somehow the fact she was a really really smart person made it more tragic?  That's a simplified explanation and I don't know if that was intentional so if anyone else also noticed that just hit the comment button. 


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