Thursday, July 29

Greatest Adventure

Packing for our week at the cottage has been fun this week.  Fun, as in, I had no idea how many pieces of clothing we owned.  You get a great idea when you have to wash and fold all of it.. it's really quite spectacular.  As was the amount of cleaning we had to do on our new travel mobile.  I could go into all the stuff we did to it over a 4 day period but the important part is it practically looks brand new now so there's a sense of accomplishment in that.. and avoiding a staph infection.  HUGE accomplishments, both.

We're leaving a day early this year and staying at a resort in town (with a bar! and nice beds! and a hot tub!) so I'm pretty excited for both the pre-vacation and an easier drive on the long weekend.  I keep having flashbacks to the year we drove my VW convertible, Bad Apple, up there and got stuck in traffic around Barrie for the music festival.. leaving me with the WORST seat-belt shoulder burn in history.  I think I got sun poisoning.  Is that a real thing?  I also enjoyed the challenge of staying out of the sun entirely when you are living on the beach.

I leave you for the week with some random but really sweet photos I stumbled on that I just love love love of a couple who got their engagement picture idea from the movie UP! probably the cutest movie ever.  Have a great week :)

[wildflowers photography]


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