Tuesday, August 31

Girl Club Confession


Ten reasons why my membership to the girl club could be taken away.

  1. I never buy shoes except to occasionally replace the four staples I have
  2. Those are: one running shoe, one comfy sandal, one casual ballet flat, one small black heel for "fancy" shit. I own others.. somewhere..
  3. Fact: my son owns more shoes than me, and I bought them
  4. My purse selection is fair but I fill them with crayons and diapers
  5. I never wear more than 2 pieces of jewelry at any time
  6. The amount of time I need to dry and do my hair is usually superseded by my need to catch up on True Blood and drink a coffee
  7. I own one lipstick and I don't wear it - just gloss
  8. I so rarely even buy make-up, but what I've collected so far is all I seem to need
  9. Unfortunately I keep all of that make-up in a plastic bag my bed sheets came in
  10. OR when I'm on the go, just a literal plastic bag that I think a pair of travel socks came in that doesn't even close

I'd keep going but you get the idea... and the list is making me suddenly really wonder if I even ever had a membership to begin with. It could just be a library card. I also so rarely even use my wallet I wouldn't even know!

SO.. was I ever glad when my super girly friend Kim saw my sad little sheet bag when we were doing slutty make-overs and gifted me my very own little clinique make-up bag, full of all new cute stuff too! Now I may pass for a real girl, huzzah!


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