Saturday, August 14

Random Question

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I am not sure I hope anyone has ever noticed I occasionally change my "random question" in the profile that fancy-ass Blogger makes me have.  Keeping up on that would be seriously worrisome but on the other hand, I think they're funny so I hope someone enjoyed them.  I enjoy the challenge of occasionally musing.. could I possibly be given a more insane question/be funnier than I was last time?  IMPOSSIBLE I'd think.. and then of course I'd need to find out, thereby erasing my previous question like Russian roulette, and the next is always at the very least equally insane and funny.  So if you haven't had the pleasure of knowing Blogger "Random Question" then I'll introduce you.  I believe the last question was something like..

Q: if you were a cannibal what would you wear?
A: a shirt that says "I'm really, really sorry"

 The current question is

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

If the moon looked like my mother smacking me in the face because we couldn't afford more milk... then yes it really looked like the moon.

That one is extra funny, to me, because the story behind it is true.  The only time I ever spilled milk that is what happened, as I completely froze for some reason and the full bag of milk spilled out on the dining room table.  A dining room table that WAS covered with plastic though, so the anger was totally just about the milk.  Sure, my memory is scary ridiculous in both randomness and how far it reaches.. I know this.. but I think that just means I'll have a much longer life than most people, right?  If just that I can remember more of it lol.  Just think of your mind like a house and all the rooms you fill up with certain things.  I fill up mine with grains of sand, it seems.

Now I'm tempted to roll the dice for a new question just for bringing this up.  Great.


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