Wednesday, August 18

Waking up

Oh coffee.. your coffee is so coffee.

I had a great day yesterday and am tired, as usual.  We spent the entire day with friends and at our old Oakville neighborhood splash park.  So tempted for a Starbucks and Pizza Depot, but my friend had already made us a wonderful lunch.  Then I remembered that when I lived there the monthly coffee budget was over a hundred dollars, and happily drank my diet coke.

Anyone else can't stand religious advertising? 
OMG guys it looks just like the popular drink, Coke, but Jesus-y.. I'm totally interested in hearing more!!

Speaking of tired though, I had found an interesting link I intended to pass along to Brooke about alternate sleep schedules.  Apparently we do not need 8 hours of sleep a day.. but more like, 3 or 4!  I feel like I'm already on that kind of alternate sleep cycle, technically.  Let me tell you though I'm doing it all wrong!

Have a happy wake-up Wednesday everyone :)

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Anonymous said...

Totally know someone who tried those "alternate" sleep schedule things. He did the "uberman" and did it "successfully" for 2 months. I put it into quotations because I would argue the fact that him not dying during that time period was a miracle. He was grouchy and tired ALL THE TIME and it was ridiculously inconvenient for him to have to take naps all the time in the middle of the day. When he finally quit he felt way better on the "normal" sleep cycle and declared the whole thing bullshit.

The whole doesn't even make sense, the body releases "Sleep chemicals" when it gets dark for a reason.


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