Tuesday, September 7

Labor Day weekend

Last BBQ of the summer was great.. despite the drizzle! and lasted well into the evening. It's always a fun time when you get to see a bunch of friends and also consume your weight in hamburgers and beer. I didn't have either of those but it sure did look good! Looking forward to Oktoberfest to hang out with some of them again as I have actually never been to one.

Yeah, really.

I could tell you about running into my friend Roxanne, completely by chance.. and the random kid who puked on the sidewalk in front of us while we were chatting. One of those moments where you feel it would be a scene in a movie about two peoples extremely different days colliding with each other. Or I could simply inform you what weekend NOT to get a haircut (aka this weekend, I don't know why!) ..but if I really filled this whole website with detailed accounts of every single thing that ever happens to me then I might die of boredom while writing it. This isn't Jersey Shore.. and if I'm not having fun, YOUR not having fun. Don't mistake that as concern for you, my reader, but more like a threat of some kind. I will say though, I still refer to Roxanne as my friend Roxanne even though I haven't seen her since university. It was certainly one of the highlights of the weekend.

That and welcoming September with roasted corn, pumpkin pie, end of the season tomatoes and homemade marble rye. Hey, summerbugs, always look to the future!

Pictured here from the Stag and Doe,
my reason for needing a haircut on the worst weekend for haircutting ever.


Junket said...

This looks like so much fun. I'm not entirely sure whose hair you're talking about in that picture but all three look perfect!

Ann.Marie said...

I'm the one with the beads on my head lol. Doesn't look extremely long and scraggly to you? Bless you.

The Lady's Lounge said...

My favorite bath bombs smell so good, I have to show amazing restraint to keep from eating them. Gross. I know.

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