Thursday, September 9

Sparkle Bath

The thread I am hanging onto my girl club membership includes 1. sweater love 2. baking cupcakes and 3. walking into stores like Sephora or Lush with my OMG IT'S SPARKLE BATH CAKES face.

That's it, that's really all.

via: whenitcomestoyou

Also, why does the best bath and shower stuff always look or smell especially edible? You know someone has tasted more than a few of these.

I know I could use at least one fancy bath this weekend.  My week has consisted of new children starting daycare, being September and all, and one in particular is a little out of hand.  Think Supernanny territory and you'll be warm - without going into specifics.  I like what I do but there aren't enough sparkle baths in the world for me to keep that situation up another week, and I love sparkles!

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Benjamin said...

Sephora can stay, but Lush smells have always wanted to make me barf all over my brogues.

To me, it's like a hippy chick rolling around in a toxic waste dump producing some kind of offensive mutant patchouli aroma.

Chanel or gtfo.

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