Thursday, September 2

Things that have made my week so nice


Artwork by Moony Khoa Le. 
I love this one so much.


I used to have a client as a Homeopathic "doctor" so you have no idea how much I enjoyed this..

If you're surprised I haven't mentioned peanut allergies a bunch before it's because there's nothing to say other than.. wow that sucks, and no it's not even funny because it's an uncool allergy.  BUT since I am a parent of a child who has a peanut allergy and have rushed him to the hospital projectile vomiting with body rashes, and cleaned up the horrible mess of some idiot giving him half a 'regular' granola bar.. anyone who finds that to be a bother while making school lunches this year can just zip it.  ZIP.  IT.  Yes, life with fake-PB has been so bleak I don't even bother trying them anymore or I'll start to cry.. but I have finally found a fantastic high quality equivalent! and not in a vegetarian "I guess this is pretty ok = awesome" meat alternative.  It's actually awesome! and good for you.  I've only found it at Walmart so start there if you're looking for something like this.  Try the crunchy though (it's red).  I know there aren't ANY allergens in it, even gluten so I have no idea what makes it crunchy but it better not be seagull bones or something.


Gabrielle (aka Peanut Free Mama) said...

is your little one just peanut allergic? mine is and we eat barney butter (i know, weird name). it's so good! and no, i don't work for them :)

Ann.Marie said...

Oh yeah, he's allergic to even the most trace amounts.. thankfully it's a non anaphylactic reaction.

Barney butter, I will have to look out for that and give it a try but I am pretty impressed with the Wow! soybutter so far. I would love to be their spokesperson if only I could get a free lifetime supply lol

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