Thursday, September 16

The universe happened on accident and is riddled with spiders

I swear in a previous life I was killed by a spider bite.  Even the book Charlotte's Web did nothing for garnering my sympathy.  I'd kill Charlotte, her babies, her grandma, and her sick aunt Gwen if she had them.  You know, if I wasn't too afraid to do it or anything.  This particular spider I remember from 2 days back hanging out by my garage and I ran away from it.  That's the terrifying thing about spiders, they sit there for an impossibly long time so you can gather the courage to confront them.. then all of a sudden WHERE DID IT GO???   Nature's magic little fuckers.  My answer for why I don't believe God exists doesn't even need to go beyond the fact no omnipotent being would ever create so many species of these things.   Any argument you have.. answer: then why are there 38,000 species of spiders?  Is it so I can appreciate butterflies?  Who wouldn't appreciate butterflies anyway!  I suppose the web outside my window is at least a little bit pretty.  Until bees and other insects get trapped in it and the unholy thing devours them like your own private Discovery channel.

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