Tuesday, February 1

Peel your eyes off

The times I love having not just a 5yr old, but MY 5 yr old the most, are directly related to being exceptionally funny. He tries all the time to be funny, and it usually involves the word poop, pee or the punchline that someone is going to the bathroom and then asks if that was funny. I say no. He's not old enough to know that he's incredibly funny though in moments when he's just being himself. We had an unexpected PA day today, unexpected in the way that I realized IN the car at the bus stop.. 5 mins after it was supposed to arrive.. it was probably a PA day. That was not cool as it was seriously cold this morning but while waiting in vain for the schoolbus to come Ethan suggested we pool our resources to find it faster, and misusing a common phrase in basically the best way I've ever heard. You see, he was going to keep his ears open to see if he could hear it coming.. and my job was that I should peel my eyes off. I could not even stop laughing to correct him but hey.. it's a weird saying anyway!

So what do you do on an exceptionally cold Monday PA day? Watch quite a lot of Star Wars and then go sledding for a bit. I'll tell you two stories associated with both of these. One, I am the dumbest child ever.. and the other, I am the worst parent in history and potentially hypocritical after all the bitching I've done about the inappropriate stuff my parents let me watch. I mean I did, after all, turn out JUST FINE.

The first time my parents decided to take me out tobogganing for real, aka down a hill by myself, I was in 1st grade. They decided that I also needed a 3 person aluminum sled that went really fast and that neither of them were going to go on with me more than once. So there I was, top of the hill ready to go, and at the bottom of the hill were my parents and a large brick building.. I think the whole hill area was a water treatment plant. Either my parents didn't realize if they aren't on the sled with me, it will go faster and farther.. or they thought I had a lot more common sense than I did. Not only did I actually sled right into a brick wall but I did so ignoring my parents yelling at me to jump off.. because I rather take my chances than jump off of something moving.  I had never practised that so it was the equivalent of jumping out of a moving car to me. There is no moral to the story other than don't take your kids tobogganing the same week as picture day.  I lost a front tooth earlier that month so I looked REALLY GOOD.

Damn.. maybe after that story I think I'll tell the other one another time. Instead here's a bunch of pictures of that not happening when we went sledding today.


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