Monday, March 14


3 reasons I haven't been updating this blog.

1. It's either this or taking a shower.. honestly, and I like showers.
2. I'm currently unable to finish a thought that doesn't resolve itself in 30 seconds
3. see number 2

The internet doesn't benefit from my smelling nice but trust me there are lots of other people who do.  I suppose I could use the time I watch Hoarders to update instead but ..then I would miss the crazy.  You know I love crazy.  Truthfully the few times I have tried to write about one thing or another that I've been up to, it always ended up like this: "Had a fun night out with a couple friends and although they did not have fishbowls of alcohol it was still pretty awes.. *one year old snaps my laptop shut like a clam shell*  Fin.

The waiter did at least draw a representation of a fishbowl on my dessert though!

My birthday is coming up soon so I'll be sure to make some time at least to write about HOW HORRIBLE IT IS.  My last birthday of my 20s, how did this happen? I swear it's like this shit happens every year.


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