Thursday, March 3

I always keep my promises

Especially if it's a promise that I won't finish something... consider it accomplished.  I'm obviously talking about that 30 days of photos which I totally made to 23.  I may finish it at some point but it made me think of all my favourite pics I never publish.

Like this one of my Dad and Ethan last Easter

Or screen caps I take to put in my non existant scrap book of favourite things.. like this picture I commented on of Andrea's trip to California

Or some random image I saved only because it reminds me of a bookmark I had in grade school..

It kind of defeats the purpose if I shared all my favourite things so I hope you enjoyed those.  It's kind of nice to have a kind of e-memory box, if only to look through on a particularly rainy day.  Or, yanno, if you ever go all Charlie Sheen! at some point and lose your fucking mind.  You could have an e-collection of things you used to care about other than WINNING.  Off topic.. I wonder if he's asked himself, logically, if he thinks his tiger blood is good for his Adonis DNA?  Just saying, I'd love to know.


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