Wednesday, March 23

Snow Day

I've only seen more birds than this on TV / in my nightmares...

This summed up the weird spring snowstorm today, from my end. Snow doesn't usually change my day but for some reason, instead of any school being cancelled around here they just decided to cancel all the busses so I drove through it twice. Nothing terrible although I was pretty sure I was going to witness an accident in front of me at one point. Someone thought that backing up through an intersection was an awesome idea! Hey guy, snowing is not at all like a zombie outbreak.. you still have to obey the regular rules of the road. Why I would have to even say this living in Canada I have no idea.

Sadly, when you have a snow storm at the start of spring you not only confuse people in their cars, but the birds etc which have come out last week. Every bird in the area decided to hang out in my neighbours tree. ALL DAY. I pulled into the driveway for the second time to this tiny little bird huddling for shelter near my garage and it was so sad I wanted to go inside and build some kind of bird hotel for them to ride it out. I was then reminded of when we first moved into our house and like, day 2 a bird flew right into the window. Of course I went out there to see if I could help it since it was injured pretty bad but it was so freaked out by me it kept hopping away and died. That's the shitty thing about animals, the fuckers never let you help them! I'm sure if I built them a shelter and tried to get them to go in it they'd swarm me and carry me off somewhere. That's like the best case scenario, too.


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