Sunday, March 27

This title is depressing as shit

I can't deny it's the phrase of the week!  For one reason or another circumstances keep conspiring have Debbie Downer following me around whether I like it or not and every time I have a conversation she pops up and then the music goes WOMP WOMP.  As if she knew I told that story the other day, my grandmother decided she'd let me know she's donating her body to science when she dies.  I have to say I was kind of surprised to hear that; not that I fantasize about her funeral but I think everyone assumes the person will be there.  I actually think it's kind of great she wants to do that.. and yes, depressing as shit that she is making my grandfathers arrangements for him by himself.  Why?  Because in real life he doesn't even get dressed without her laying out clothes for him.  It's not the fact he'll be buried alone but that he literally cannot live without her that is so fucking depressing... he can't even make his own funeral arrangements.  The bright side is it leaves him tonnes of extra time to focus on more important things.. like smoking!

By the way, if you're having a week like me then please don't watch Blue Valentine.  Just wait on it.  Nothing personal to the movie; it and my best friend that shops at my Fortinos, Ryan Gosling, were just great.  It's just that at the end of it my heart kind of felt like sitting in a bathtub full of red wine and making some toast.  It only takes about an hour to make my heart feel like there is nothing to live for, apparently.

Being my birthday on Thursday I am looking forward to a fun week, starting with a card party Monday night with Brooke and Kim!  You get to make your own pro looking cards, so already I know I'm going to make a "condolences" card haha.. just kidding! I realize it's all healthy and shiz but nobody is allowed to mention any funeral arrangements until FRIDAY at the earliest.


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