Friday, April 8

I need a job at Facebook Ads

...what a rewarding career!

First I have no idea what I said in my messages to have them advertise social work; second.. the way advertising is supposed to work is that it makes me interested in hearing more.  Looking at this I'm thinking, wow, I didn't know they had social workers IN HELL.  Am I right or is it not as if she's going to immediately eat my heart right out of my body.  The other thing I'm thinking is how much of a red flag is it that "become a social worker" was its own trademarked phrase.  Is it one of those things where after I take the course I realize I'm not actually qualified to do anything but make paper mache solar systems.  Sure a 6th grader can do it too but I'll be able to do it REAL WELL.

I seriously could talk about Facebook ads all day they're so terrible but there has been an especially reoccurring ad telling me I should do things in my area before I die, and the picture is just something so stupid that I can't help but think.. really? I guess if I haven't put tiny rain boots on a pig then I haven't lived.  My idea of a good time must be way off!

If you're going to point out that the ads must have done their job because I noticed them let me just remind you - shut up.

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Brooke said...

Because I'm listed as single, I get ads like, "Date a Millionaire" and "Single Dads are looking for love". The most ironic thing about this, to me at least, is that the ads feature pictures of the same guys for both ads, on different days mind you. So am I to believe that these men are both single dads and loaded? lol Or do they expect that I am just that stupid not to notice!

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