Tuesday, May 31


I really don't want to post cute pictures of my babies.

I really, really don't.  I rather do anything but.

And yet here we are...

LOOK AT THEM EMOTE!  K makes the best faces already.. he really does. It makes my heart happy. Plus his lil naked skin is like a sharpay so squishing him is addictive and wonderful.

Truthfully here, sometimes I love my life so much it's gotten to the point I'm not even sure I deserve it.. but who said good things happen to only people who deserve them? Suckaaaas. (I don't know why I said that, but I'll keep it)

Wednesday, May 25

James Face

In the past two days, two things have made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe. One was last night going out for some beers with Brooke, where she stopped herself mid-sentence referring to the beer as simply 'booze' when asking if our glasses were the same size. Quick answer, our 'booze cups' held the same amount of hooch! That right there is hard to visualize how funny it really was, but the second thing is easy.

Go check out an article called James Face, where a guy decided to mess with his facebook friend's pictures and repost them. You have to read the comments on each one from 'James'. I seriously almost died of loving it/wondering how I can do this to torment Andrea. Nothing in the world can be that bad as long as this exists.

Sunday, May 15

Nick Name

I should update you that I have no injuries but I did have a great Mother's Day!  The kids and I spent the afternoon with my mother and grandmother having lunch outside.  Other than my grandmother telling me 100 times that Robeez shoes are actually evil and that I'm a bad person for making my kid wear them.. it was a pretty good time!  Those days are so rare they might as well be precious diamonds.

Anyhow that's not really the point of my post though.  While we were there my grandmother went to get some drawing paper for the kids and grabbed a 'journal' I had in school for him to use.  My room there is pretty much exactly how I left it in grade 8, so it was literally just sitting on the shelf.  I read a few pages and laughed in the same way I do when my 5 yr old does something totally weird and I wonder, what the hell is that about??  Like when he made a Lego character who lives on the fireplace named Dr. Mashawn.  Or when he told me (very seriously) to start calling him Nick.. and when I asked why he said "because that's my nick name" 

I'm not sure what the idea was behind asking students write personal answers to things that the teacher reads over, but my favourite was finding out that apparently, to a 13yr old the worst thing that could ever happen would be if the Blue Jays won every game but lost the world series.  Yep.  That's all.

Suck on that, every other horrible thing on earth!  I just wished my parents wouldn't be so 'sick' all the time but the World Series is SERIOUS SHIT guys.

Just saying!

Thursday, May 5

24 hours for Moms

Mothers Day is coming so of course I'm waiting for the shipment of diamonds I'm going to be showered in to arrive. I bought a special hat for the occasion and everything just in case they are so large I'd be injured. Trust me, I would love to go into Emergency with that story though. In the meantime... some friends of mine have put up pictures of their Moms for the occasion, so I did as well. That's right I do actually have pictures with my mother, and I'm not even annoyed at her in them!

The second one my friend Andrea pointed out that I look terrified, which I'd like to downgrade to 'uneasy' .. probably because I wasn't sure if I was being fed to a giant mouse or not as it is 100x my size.

Oddly enough I see today Gabe Athouse also put up a picture of his mother.

I can't even explain how long it took me to stop laughing, if just to comment on the pic that I can't believe the baby is handcuffed to the walker. Hahaha... please will someone tell me what for????

Wednesday, May 4

I don't need love looking like diamonds

Ben covers Ke$ha's "sleazy" .. I admit I haven't heard the original but this is so fantastic I don't even care if it means that I like Ke$ha somehow. She probably sprinkles glitter in her underwear, so, that's a strong statement from me. You can download to donate to Tsunami relief in Japan. There are lots of other tracks, too, if you don't like this one!

Sunday, May 1

the whole sky

I hope everyone was outside on Saturday, wherever you were on Earth I'll just assume it was nice weather for you too. Unless you're the Werewolf and you literally can't go outside because your under court ordered house arrest. Again.

Yes, THE SUN was out!! I was actually excited to go clean up all the rotting winter apples (it's actually not an apple tree at all, and even the birds won't eat them because they're so bitter) that covered the ground over the winter. THE SUN was shining on those rotten apples, folks!! While some weird tornados and sudden 'bird confusing' snow and rain have been upon us.. The Sun hasn't been around at all. Still, everyone knows it's one of those rare things in life where it can be a total bastard to you and you still giggle when it calls you.

What a flowering quince looks like in spring, before the shitty bitter apples.
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