Thursday, May 5

24 hours for Moms

Mothers Day is coming so of course I'm waiting for the shipment of diamonds I'm going to be showered in to arrive. I bought a special hat for the occasion and everything just in case they are so large I'd be injured. Trust me, I would love to go into Emergency with that story though. In the meantime... some friends of mine have put up pictures of their Moms for the occasion, so I did as well. That's right I do actually have pictures with my mother, and I'm not even annoyed at her in them!

The second one my friend Andrea pointed out that I look terrified, which I'd like to downgrade to 'uneasy' .. probably because I wasn't sure if I was being fed to a giant mouse or not as it is 100x my size.

Oddly enough I see today Gabe Athouse also put up a picture of his mother.

I can't even explain how long it took me to stop laughing, if just to comment on the pic that I can't believe the baby is handcuffed to the walker. Hahaha... please will someone tell me what for????


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