Sunday, May 15

Nick Name

I should update you that I have no injuries but I did have a great Mother's Day!  The kids and I spent the afternoon with my mother and grandmother having lunch outside.  Other than my grandmother telling me 100 times that Robeez shoes are actually evil and that I'm a bad person for making my kid wear them.. it was a pretty good time!  Those days are so rare they might as well be precious diamonds.

Anyhow that's not really the point of my post though.  While we were there my grandmother went to get some drawing paper for the kids and grabbed a 'journal' I had in school for him to use.  My room there is pretty much exactly how I left it in grade 8, so it was literally just sitting on the shelf.  I read a few pages and laughed in the same way I do when my 5 yr old does something totally weird and I wonder, what the hell is that about??  Like when he made a Lego character who lives on the fireplace named Dr. Mashawn.  Or when he told me (very seriously) to start calling him Nick.. and when I asked why he said "because that's my nick name" 

I'm not sure what the idea was behind asking students write personal answers to things that the teacher reads over, but my favourite was finding out that apparently, to a 13yr old the worst thing that could ever happen would be if the Blue Jays won every game but lost the world series.  Yep.  That's all.

Suck on that, every other horrible thing on earth!  I just wished my parents wouldn't be so 'sick' all the time but the World Series is SERIOUS SHIT guys.

Just saying!


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