Sunday, May 1

the whole sky

I hope everyone was outside on Saturday, wherever you were on Earth I'll just assume it was nice weather for you too. Unless you're the Werewolf and you literally can't go outside because your under court ordered house arrest. Again.

Yes, THE SUN was out!! I was actually excited to go clean up all the rotting winter apples (it's actually not an apple tree at all, and even the birds won't eat them because they're so bitter) that covered the ground over the winter. THE SUN was shining on those rotten apples, folks!! While some weird tornados and sudden 'bird confusing' snow and rain have been upon us.. The Sun hasn't been around at all. Still, everyone knows it's one of those rare things in life where it can be a total bastard to you and you still giggle when it calls you.

What a flowering quince looks like in spring, before the shitty bitter apples.

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Anonymous said...

Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see.

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