Thursday, June 23

A 5 year old could write this blog

I've come to the conclusion that my 5 year old boy should have his own blog.  His little assertions about life aren't so unlike my own "things that look like other things" that I love.  He likes to watch TV with us and hover over our computers and yes, interrupt you with what he thinks when you didn't ask.  Sometimes I'm glad though.

  • Watching the playoffs when Don Cherry comes on

    "He looks like he's getting married"
  • Playing Katy Perry's video "Last Friday Night"

    "Did she escape from the hospital?"
  • Something I saw posted on Facebook that I thought he'd think was cool

    "Hey look, it's Iron Man R2D2!"
    "That doesn't make any sense.  It would be way more cooler if it was Iron Man C3PO"


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