Tuesday, August 30

I fucking love life

I feel like there are times in an otherwise average, perfectly nice day, where you just notice something and decide ok I need to tell someone about this.  I had one of those days.  Don't get all nervous here it's not a long story; stop sweating I promise you have time to read this.  

So I'm in the car and I glance over to my left at a woman rollerblading.  I think, hey gurl, good for you.. even if you are not going in the right direction for your side of the road, that's still awesome.  Then I notice Rollergurl is on fire... no no wait.. she's smoking???  Yep she's actually smoking! and rollerblading.  As I pull up to pass her I glance over again.. maybe hoping she WAS on fire and not doing the dumbest thing I've ever seen; like the guy who went for a treadmill run at the gym in fucking jeans (not even stretchy spandex jeans.. WORK jeans).  So what else do I see??  Not only is Rollergurl indeed smoking but she's texting.  She's fucking smoking, rollerblading on the street and texting.  I can't even believe it.  Rollergurl has to be the busiest person ever.. the only way she could be busier is if maybe she was taking a huge morning shit in her pants as she was doing all this.  Let's just assume she was for the sake of argument, ok?  I went from thinking hey cool I wish I were doing that, to realizing she's too 'Type A' personality for normal activities and is likely not even rollerblading for fitness.. she's probably going to work or something.  Raise your hand if you imagine a conversation with someone like that to be so confusing you'd cry.  Raise your other hand if you are also kind of scared she does everything while smoking and texting, because she's on crack, and only stops to randomly shout out to people on the street "I FUCKING LOVE LIFE!"

Sunday, August 28

this is the best margarita party ever

It took me less than 5 seconds to decide I need this.

1100 watts of power... what does that even mean???  Who cares!  Keywords: ninja! 1100 watts! gourmet healthy FROZEN DRINKS!!!!

Saturday, August 27

the road not taken

I had a particularly weird dream a week or so ago about someone I know being dead.  As in they apparently just died, nobody told me, and I felt totally cut off and lost about it; unsure of what to do now they were gone forever.  In my mind, the world was suddenly empty and nobody lived on earth but me.

I was so disturbed by the feeling that when I woke up mid-night I googled dream meanings on what exactly that was supposed to be about.  I know my friends have all been moving lately.. now Kim is moving to Guelph.. but that just wasn't a good enough explanation for me at the time I guess.  Dreams are all things going on in your own sub-conscious, a way of working things out, and I just wanted to know what exactly my mind is preoccupied with.  Apparently every dream about something dying, being dead, loss.. is supposed to be good or the opposite of whatever it was: life, new beginnings etc.  I remember my friend Andrea and I would always chat at school the next day about our dreams.  She's very Sylvia Brown like that, still is, and I suppose in a way I am too.

I am more than grateful for every path I did not take, even if it took me a while.. or long while.. to fully appreciate every facet of their particular outcomes.  They were always positive.  I hope that although my dream was sad, some part of myself is reassured that things.. even ourselves.. are renewed everyday.  It's hard to look upon the roads you decided not to take and learn anything, if only that life is all about those missteps because they insure your next steps are more purposeful, careful and meaningful.

Monday, August 22

More important things

Video of my best friend Ryan Gosling (I think I've mentioned our shopping together before, it's a thing we do) is hitting all the social media today.  I wasn't going to post anything about it except I just wanted to point out that it's great that we live in a day in age where people will film someone beat the shit out of you and go oh shit is that the guy from the Notebook?? FOR REAL? 

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."

Albert Camus

Thursday, August 18

This year summed up in a cheesy heart photo collage

Flickr: Cottage 2011

I suppose rather than tell you a huge story I could sum up the weeks highlights.. I was in a cottage without my grandparents.  Does there even need to be more about the week other than that? I could also mention the coach outlet and my awesome new purse, the drive up to North Bay's 'famous' mall, Taco Tuesday, a couple of birthdays...

....pizza night, my horrible tooth infection which caused me to visit a nurse practitioner with the largest boobs I've ever seen in my life.  And oh, right, my entire cheek was so swollen I looked like I got fat but only on one side of my face.  Smiling was.. creepy.. for a few days.

The days were great, the lake was warm, MY GRANDMOTHER WASN'T THERE, sunshine everyday, kite flying, MY GRANDMOTHER WASN'T THERE, Ethan had his first visit from the toothfairy, we brought our tassimo for perfect morning coffee, and nobody called me an asshole.  In the night, however, this year we had one mild family tribulation.  

Putting Gabriel in a big bed for the first time, and I like to call the result 'fists of confused fury'.  It was gonna happen anyway but the paper thin walls at the cottage was GREAT for making everyone think we keep them in cages.  Which WE DO, obviously, but we just didn't bring them up to the cottage.  No room.  Additionally we bought every box of the only teething solution that finally worked for Kieran as getting teeth has really pissed him off.  If this sounds repetitive it's because I said the exact same thing at this time last year  but much worse. Putting him to sleep every night is hard on a normal night as he's the worlds largest infant.  I say that because I still swaddle him and he's 6 months old.  This is why I never give out unsolicited parenting advice.. my motto is YOU DO WHAT WORKS UNTIL IT STOPS WORKING.  Nothing fancy, if you want some sleep you just do the same thing until it stops working, for the rest of eternity.  So picture that bedtime routine, and the turbulent part of this story is actually that my cousin-in-law was doing a holiday fireworks display 15 feet from my bedroom... not once, not twice, but 4 nights.  It was baby-waking festive, this year, folks.

You see why it was a miracle that neither me, nor anyone else, was called an asshole right?  I hope you do because any clearer of a picture I'm going to paint you is reserved for my therapists eyes only.  

Saturday, August 13

Did you know things from 1992 are also considered vintage now?

Everytime I see retro candy I always end up looking for Bonkers, my favourite candy of all time.  Guys, I ate so much of it.. and I didn't even have a favourite flavour because they were all awesome.  They make Starburst, or whatever comparative soft chew candy, taste like a pile of puke.

Why was I not one of those insane people who saw through time and hoarded random stuff to sell on eBay once it got discontinued?  Is it me or are you pretty sure they must not be of this world.  "Ouu 800 packs of Bonkers, I don't want to eat it.. eww.. let me just put this in my closet for uhh.. 25 years?  yeah that sounds good.  I'll just keep my coats in the bathtub."

That makes total sense.

Also, I don't remember a lot of commercials so the Bonkers commercial means nothing to me, and I'll tell you why.  My dad taped all my favourite shows on VHS every so often updating them without commercials and I was allowed to watch that as much as I wanted, aside from Saturday mornings and whatever crap my parents were watching.  This is why I remember the opening theme to that news show, Midday, with all the gold bars but not from my favourite candy.  It's probably a really good thing though because I swear to you that yesterday I was humming the Whatchamacallit song, for absolutely no reason.

Thursday, August 11

Smore running

The only thing I am thinking about at the moment is how long it's been since I've sprained my toe, aka I really, truly, need to go work out right now.  That can't be right, right?  Here's why that's a) not a bullshit statement and b) something I would have previously thrown hot coffee on anyone who told me that.  

The reason is not for losing weight, although I've eaten an extraordinary amount of shit lately.. due to my vacation and all... so it might not be a terrible thing; but I discovered that no amount of wine at the end of a stressful day feels as good as an hour and a half work out does.  That's just a fact!  And I sleep great.  The annoying thing about this injury is I actually find myself to be insanely bitchy and wound up if I don't go..  like I imagine a talking dog would if you didn't walk it.  It'd verbally abuse you then eventually just kill itself somehow, and you'd be glad!

That said, look at the new smore I created!  Mint Aero! 

Don't mind my minty nailpolish here, I promise it's not a new obsession due to the blogs I read, we just had a nailpolish party.  I'm back to my regular nails.. ugh.. it's like summer is already OVER!

Sunday, August 7


This is my (instagr.am) life at the cottage.  I'm missing it.. although my glorious mattress is really helping me move on.  Right now you could tell me it was made in Heaven, and not the Serta factory, and I would believe you.


I'm kind of excited to get my pics off my new upgraded camera this year; I had some fun with it!  So did anyone I handed it to, so it might take me a while to get it all sorted out.  My only regret is I didn't figure out my ISO fast enough to get a picture of low lying harvest moon one night.  If you've ever seen one you know it looks pretty cool, like a red moon-set that disappears.

Saturday, August 6

Overheard at the Cottage

There are countless moments in which children just make your life perfect.  For example, having a tiny baby fall asleep on you.  Having an extremely happy, dimply cheeked toddler run out of his room in the morning to greet you.  Or, if you're me this week, asking your son and his cousins what kind of game they're playing and getting this answer:

Boy 1, age 5:
Hey look I made a watch out of Lego!  When I wear it it can turn me into anyone I want.

Boy 2, age 4:
Check out my Lego GUN! I shoot all the bad guys with it!!

Boy 3, age 5:
And I have knitting needles!  I can knit a sweater that is too long so when you wear it you'll trip over it and embarrass yourself!!

Guess which one belongs to me.

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