Saturday, August 13

Did you know things from 1992 are also considered vintage now?

Everytime I see retro candy I always end up looking for Bonkers, my favourite candy of all time.  Guys, I ate so much of it.. and I didn't even have a favourite flavour because they were all awesome.  They make Starburst, or whatever comparative soft chew candy, taste like a pile of puke.

Why was I not one of those insane people who saw through time and hoarded random stuff to sell on eBay once it got discontinued?  Is it me or are you pretty sure they must not be of this world.  "Ouu 800 packs of Bonkers, I don't want to eat it.. eww.. let me just put this in my closet for uhh.. 25 years?  yeah that sounds good.  I'll just keep my coats in the bathtub."

That makes total sense.

Also, I don't remember a lot of commercials so the Bonkers commercial means nothing to me, and I'll tell you why.  My dad taped all my favourite shows on VHS every so often updating them without commercials and I was allowed to watch that as much as I wanted, aside from Saturday mornings and whatever crap my parents were watching.  This is why I remember the opening theme to that news show, Midday, with all the gold bars but not from my favourite candy.  It's probably a really good thing though because I swear to you that yesterday I was humming the Whatchamacallit song, for absolutely no reason.


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