Saturday, August 6

Overheard at the Cottage

There are countless moments in which children just make your life perfect.  For example, having a tiny baby fall asleep on you.  Having an extremely happy, dimply cheeked toddler run out of his room in the morning to greet you.  Or, if you're me this week, asking your son and his cousins what kind of game they're playing and getting this answer:

Boy 1, age 5:
Hey look I made a watch out of Lego!  When I wear it it can turn me into anyone I want.

Boy 2, age 4:
Check out my Lego GUN! I shoot all the bad guys with it!!

Boy 3, age 5:
And I have knitting needles!  I can knit a sweater that is too long so when you wear it you'll trip over it and embarrass yourself!!

Guess which one belongs to me.


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