Thursday, August 11

Smore running

The only thing I am thinking about at the moment is how long it's been since I've sprained my toe, aka I really, truly, need to go work out right now.  That can't be right, right?  Here's why that's a) not a bullshit statement and b) something I would have previously thrown hot coffee on anyone who told me that.  

The reason is not for losing weight, although I've eaten an extraordinary amount of shit lately.. due to my vacation and all... so it might not be a terrible thing; but I discovered that no amount of wine at the end of a stressful day feels as good as an hour and a half work out does.  That's just a fact!  And I sleep great.  The annoying thing about this injury is I actually find myself to be insanely bitchy and wound up if I don't go..  like I imagine a talking dog would if you didn't walk it.  It'd verbally abuse you then eventually just kill itself somehow, and you'd be glad!

That said, look at the new smore I created!  Mint Aero! 

Don't mind my minty nailpolish here, I promise it's not a new obsession due to the blogs I read, we just had a nailpolish party.  I'm back to my regular nails.. ugh.. it's like summer is already OVER!


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