Thursday, October 20

27 things about you

I had an eccentric English teacher (aren't they all?) in high school who was memorable for two things.  One of those being a story he shared with the class that I will be kind enough not to detail for you as it involves a problem with a colostomy bag while shopping.   The second is an exercise he had the class do near the end of the year about our classmates.  We had to write three positive things to describe every person in class  (in case there were repeats, I guess) and at the end, to keep anonymity, the teacher compiled them all into one list in his own handwriting.  He also said he included one from himself somewhere in the list too.. so mysterious! what a fun game.  At the time I thought that was a lot of effort for fun guessing material, it took him the whole class period, but truthfully it was kind of awesome since when I was going through my box of stuff for the big move I found the list.  I had kept it, and it made me wonder how many of my classmates or kids in his other classes also kept their list.

Although it's over 10 years later I still enjoyed reading it; especially since with all the sorting through things and stress of thinking about moving our whole house, I was having a rough day.  It also reminded me to share a good opinion I have of others, even if I don't know them particularly well, as often as I can.

I should preface sharing this list with you (aka the whole internet) with the fact that in this class I apparently chose to do a skit of Marilyn Monroe for some reason which I don't remember anything about... but find it hilarious another person in the list thought it was Madonna.  Make people like something even if they have no idea what it is - now that's talent!!


  • perky
  • she'd be very loyal
  • effervescent 
  • kind
  • very creative
  • unique ideas
  • good acting as Madonna
  • a great job as Marilyn Monroe. A great emotional actress.
  • fun, always happy
  • great debates - speaks her mind
  • intelligent
  • twirls her hair a lot
  • likes to talk
  • doesn't let others opinions sway hers 
  • never in uniform      <-- this is true
  • always smiling
  • likes to laugh
  • at first, seems like you just want to have fun but later you realize you are a serious person with deep insights   <--- probably my teacher
  • bubbly and responsive
  • one of my best friends - we always have fun together
  • easy to talk to
  • very generous
  • incredibly funny
  • quiet
  • has lots of friends
  • can be very friendly
  • a pleasant, warm smile  


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