Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas

Differences from this year and last year:

  • if you think your child won't notice that the Santa at the mall and the Santa in his special Christmas video are different, he will
  • if you think your child won't stumble into your open closet and see his gift from Santa, which you then have to return and buy a different one, he will
  • if you think your child won't burst into tears because he confesses he hasn't been good at all this year and is very sure he won't get anything for Christmas, he will
  • if you think your child won't point out a minor bulge in his stocking early and discover there is stuff in it, he most definitely will

So the only difference really is I need to be exponentially smarter every year.  Fantastic.  Have a great Christmas everyone, I have 3 hours of wrapping to complete and a bunch of wine that will not drink itself.  Good night!

"Well, there are candles.. a lot of them.. and you get presents, so, it's like birthday party everyday!"
- Ethan, age 5, on his understanding of Hanukah 


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