Saturday, December 29

Busy holidays?

This was how I found Kieran (the one totally asleep is our friend) about 5 mins after coming in from a long morning of playing and digging in the snow.  Before you ask, I swear the only drug they are on is fresh air!  Totally made the list of the greatest moments of 2012 right here.

Sunday, December 23

Merry Cookbookmas

Last year my friend Andrea sent me a hilarious cookbook for Christmas, and this year was no different.

Bound to be delicious!

Oh yes, it's real... and it made my freaking day mainly because it came in a package with no explanation whatsoever.  While it MIGHT make my list for my 30-30 dinner party.. I am almost tempted to make something for Christmas Eve dinner.   My grandmother will be eating it and I'll simply have no choice but to explain why I am laughing randomly through dinner otherwise she will no doubt try and drag me to an AA meeting on Christmas Day.

This Christmas I must say has been pretty sweet since we've stepped up the festiveness .. i.e. there is currently a 20 foot inflatable snowman on my lawn!  Among making new memories, one thing that I hope my boys don't remember from the holidays but I am 100% certain they will, is their mother is an astoundingly terrible present wrapper.  I had about 2 hours today while wrapping to think about how I hope none of them inherit this.  Go with bags, you say? ripping through paper on Christmas morning is not something I can bare to deprive them of.. even if I can already feel them making fun of me.  I'm totally up to a grade 3 level in wrapping now.

That's a doodle for absolutely no reason??  I had to take a break, guys.

Hoping you all have a wonderful, memorable holiday!

Tuesday, December 11

Places you will go

One of the notable changes about my 30th year of living is that I have come to terms with the fact that, barring some kind of electrical storm where my brain is re-wired, there is one time of year that to me personally might as well be a physical place on Earth.  "Winter" might as well have a real destination pin on a map, and cute candy cane font sign on the road when you enter it, because, for all intents and purposes, I travel there to visit smiles I've had and smiles I've saved up so much it built a town.  

Indulge me for a moment.  

"Winterville" always has the right amount of shimmery snow to walk in; it is vanilla, big blankets and wool sweaters, hugs, and every snowman I've ever built, every fort I ever dug out with a red runny nose.  There, there are toboggan runs any time, fresh trees in every house and so many Christmas lights you'd never wish it was daytime.  It has heart.  Though I do not stay very long at all; those Winters are gone of course and this one is happening now.  It's just so many first things started in Winter for me, best of all my boys birthdays.  Maybe it is the death of the seasons, death of the year, mixed all in with the exciting new.. it either feels some minutes as if I have lived the luckiest life I couldn't possibly ever live long enough to deserve it.  My heart is filled with gratitude instead of the grief that mostly everything pretty and warm in "Winter" town does not really exist, these small memories cannot leave this place.. and then other minutes feeling as if it's too much for me.  Like I am standing in a place equivalent to this commercial.

And that's when I leave.  By that time it is always dark, which make the lights all prettier, and I am always late.

“I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep, leave it any way except a slow way, leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better hour because it is dead. Passed years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud, formidable from a distance.” 
 Beryl Markham, West with the Night

Friday, November 30

Ain't nobody got time for that

For your amusement I will go over the last week of my life for you, because what is life if not inconceivably amusing to compare and contrast.


I am in the ER.  My best friend, Brooke, calls me at the airport about to board a plane to Cuba.

I have a major infection causing half my face to look like any character in the movie "The Klumps"


I'm told I have to spend the next 5 days with what they call "my new best friend" .. i.e. a $4000 IV pump I get to wear every second of the day.  Brooke, my actual best friend, is already rum drunk and hungover in Cuba.

I may have returned to work in the afternoon because I am really horrible at taking direction from bacteria.. telling me what I can't do!? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Tuesday - Friday:  

I hate everything.  Specifically "my new best friend".. I call her Judy.  Judy likes to watch me do a horrible job at trying to have a shower.  I go to a clinic every single evening to get the bag of medicine in Judy changed.   

Meanwhile, Brooke is just finishing up her sun-filled vacation!  She learned now to make an authentic Mojito and I learned that the most common adverse side effect of Clindamycin is diarrhea.  

I keep thinking in medival times I'd have so died by now.  So much for evolution, bitches!!

Friday, November 23

re - James

There comes a time .. or if you're lucky a couple times in life where you think, can anything be better than this?  Like, ever? I am here to tell you that if it's James Face then this is as good as it gets.  My friend Rob recently shared the link I saw a year ago and seriously every time I look at this thing I can't stop laughing until the captions get blurry with my own tears.

The idea is this guy takes his friends facebook pictures, photoshops them to look slightly different and reposts them to facebook.  His friend James does not like this.

My life's dream is to do this to my friend Andrea someday... gah, it should be on my 30-30 list.  Please, enjoy if you haven't already ...even though I hate repeating myself this is worth it.

Click on the link to see the comments since they are the BEST. PART.

JAMES-FACE by Oli & Alex

  "That's not my bush baby! ...I'm simply not that pale...."

Tuesday, November 20

Green Machine with Chocolate Smoothie recipe

Number 9 on my list, "figure out how to juice my food" has been accomplished!  Instead of juicing I prefer blending frozen smoothies.  I drink green smoothies because I just don't even have the TIME to sit and eat all the spinach I need to eat, and generally I eat while I'm working.  If you're interested in adding some goodness to your lunch here's a pretty good guide to start out making whatever your tastes are like.  I won't promise you it will in any way taste like an ice cream sandwich but just wait 5 mins and you'll feel virtually high on vegetables.  It's insane.

If you're wondering why we don't want to just add yogurt, sugar or other yummy things, or you've ever heard the term "eating clean" all it means is you eat as little processed foods as possible, excluding sugar and dairy from your diet as much as possible.  It makes a big difference for a minimal amount of 'taste sacrifice' in my opinion, but I do have a pretty yummy recipe if you like chocolate for breakfast.

Even if you are in perfect health, maybe you are a busy person in the morning who finds themselves either forgetting to eat entirely or eating whatever little thing they find while all the good food sits in the fridge.  Take 5 minutes and make this next time! and you'll be full and happy until lunch.

Recipe: Chocolate-Oat Breakfast Smoothie

(recipe adapted, picture from

  • 1/2 c. old-fashioned (steel cut) oats
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 c. almond, soy, or coconut milk 
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. almond butter (or regular peanut butter if you like)
  • *optional 1 tsp. agave nectar or honey or stevia for added sweetness

  1. Blend your oats first into a fine powder.
  2. Add banana, wet ingredients then dry ingredients into the blender and process until smooth and well-combined. Add more almond milk for a thinner consistency if you find it too thick.

Thursday, November 15

r.i.p. shit-soo

photo originally from: link

6.5 years of creative swearing has come to an end.  It was a good run.

Me: Oh.. shih tzu!
Ethan:  Mommy you said a bad word...
Me: No I didn't I said shih tzu.. that's a kind of dog!
Ethan: Yeah but without the 'Soo' it's just SHIT.

Monday, November 12

Birthday & Best(maid)

I had hoped that I would have been able to host a 5 course dinner party by now since it covers 2 whole items on my 30 list.  I am not giving up on that coming to fruition before March (my Champagne Birthday by the way.. neat!) but what's been going on this weekend has been pretty close so I'll share.  We did have a huge dinner party for my husbands birthday, however, it was hosted at a steakhouse where other people cooked our food, poured the champagne and someone else made and delivered the cake.  Anyone who watches Game of Thrones will get a kick out of this.  Everyone else... this will be awkward.

Sean and his cake.. aka his gift from me that
1. you can't buy it for yourself
2. you can't return it

Throne made of swords topper!
4 heads on spikes, and Sean's favorite House Baratheon crest with the motto changed to "Ours is the Forty"

It was the worst weekend for me to be sick because the very next day I was involved with my cousin Alisia's Stag & Doe; an even busier night if not possibly the busiest Stag & Doe I've ever seen.  My responsibility for the night? Besides the early morning set up, oh just selling all the raffle and booze tickets.  Nobody wants those, right?

I'll just show you the end of the night for JUST the beer empties.  I can't even tell you how much other alcohol was there, I didn't count, but 40 pop bottles of mixer were gone.

I'd like to thank Sudafed and Redbull for being invented together in my lifetime so I could even do it.  
I like to put my talents to good use but really, who wouldn't want to sell something to help out a Bride-to-be with a face like this?  She's just too cute to say no to.. smiling, bringing us alcohol, and she's wearing a fracking tiara.  It's all my favourite things!

Tuesday, October 30

He must have wanted to be more Irish

I get asked often .. and I mean often.. what having three boys is like.  Well..

It's like this

Everything you've heard is true and every moment of silence when I can't see them, terrifies me.

the religion of tradition

This may be the first time in 6 years we'll have to trick or treat at the Mall.   The Mall.  First, I have an unreasonable attachment to celebrating things on their actual dates.. if I've deemed it important then it might as well be a religious holiday.  Second, as a seasoned Vet of Trick or Treating like yours truly I'm experiencing a mild anxiety attack.  My childhood was spent scavenging the streets for hours with my friends, including all the unintentionally creepy houses you were sure some kids were trapped inside, and we didn't use no fancy buckets we had pillowcases and we liked it!  One year I literally fireman-carried my friend Andrea back to Candy Central (our friends house) when she got sick and couldn't walk back.  It helped that she weighed merely 8 pounds but still.. we didn't leave a man behind, a lit house un-tricked or treated, and we didn't care to dress appropriately for the weather.  The year I went as a cheerleader? my blue little legs brought in 3 pillowcases that year.  It was hardcore candy times, so you can just guess that the very idea of MY kids trick or treating in the Mall just.. annoys me.. but, Hurricanes be crazy! and it's going to pretty much rain all week as we all know by now.  I'll give the boys some time to become MEN.. I guess ;)

My only consolation is that they at least got to dress up already for a spooky fun Halloween Party with some friends on our street on Saturday night.

Sir Gabriel and his dragon Kierfire.. and Lego version Captain Rex with beard.

The Evil Witch ..of the bathroom!

Sean was missing due to being sick that day but his costume was Rick from Walking Dead, if you're familiar.  Maybe he'll get to wear it at the Mall and scare some teen shoplifters into making better life choices.

Here's to a wet but Happy Halloween 2012 everyone!

Tuesday, October 16

Nobody knows what it means

I have avoided this video for weeks but, sadly, anything Andrea sends me I feel compelled to watch.  

I have no idea what gangnam style means either, I think its like one of those ink blot tests of life.. Andrea thinks someone might get hurt and I assume we're high on goofballs wearing sunglasses and using "jazz-hands" as currency.

In case you were curious we wanted to see Carrot Top but he was out of town that night.  Also, I saw Penn Jillette going to catch his flight while waiting for Andrea (she was delayed twice.. I now know McCarran Airport REALLY WELL.  Let me take you for a tour sometime!) and he looks just like the Undertaker with a tan.   I guess I should actually write a real update on my trip to Vegas but someone has all the pictures still and hasn't sent me the USB drive in the mail.  Hint: that someone isn't ME.

Friday, October 5


Before there was this blog there was a little thing called a paper Diary, I'm sure everyone used to also write in these things.  I have no clue if anyone still does.  Also, no one was meant to read them.

"If you read someone else's diary, you get what you deserve."  -David Sedaris

Dragging out the Halloween decorations this week lead me to open a box full of old diaries.  In the photo up there is years 1993-2002.   My first diary was the turquoise one in the middle and it had a sticker of Aladdan on it, a real key lock, a kitten bookmark that says "you are special" and an O-Pee-Chee baseball card of Duane Ward.  

Also the first 10-15 pages are ripped out because I didn't like my handwriting enough for a 'first diary entry', even though I used pencil I couldn't erase it good enough.  I finally settled on what I wrote (and erased re-wrote) because I wasted too many pages already.  It was only a quote from the diary of Anne Frank... a much more famous story than mine!

This perfectionist, book and baseball-loving kid liked watching Arsenio, writing short stories with my friends and having sleepovers.  Oh and figuring out my chances with Frodo Baggins.  

I'm 30 years old now but even still.. posting this is almost unbearably embarrassing.  66% love is HARDLY PROMISING, YOUNG ANN-MARIE!  Elijah Wood doesn't read the internet does he??

If I didn't find it so funny I likely would keep this to my own musings, but, it's all history isn't it?  It's all a little bit of everything that ever was.  It's what storytelling is all about. It caused me to wonder what exactly changes when we finish a book full of nothing but thoughts?  The story isn't over but the thoughts, in ink or type, you own them; could you (would you) throw it in a box?  Yes I would in a box and I would with a fox, and on a train, and in the rain.  Yadda yadda, uh .. I have repeated too many Dr. Seuss stories to my kids.


If history often repeats itself it is good to refresh yourself on the narrative once in a while.  We spend so much time in life being uncertain, impetuous, brightly naive... I enjoyed reading in that voice for a change.  If we can talk to ourselves and get an answer.  Alternatively it can be disturbing, the very last entry in my very last paper diary is something that I still wonder about often.  

The perspective, and the hilariousness, were equally nice.  It makes me curious if when the time comes to give my own kids the advice I'd give myself at 11 years old, if I should just hand them a stack of journals and throw my hands up in the air and say "You know what, I don't actually know!"

Friday, September 21

Space Day

I had one of the best days this week, and no, it wasn't my childlessly wandering in and out of cafe's reading books, drinking pumpkiny-chi infused drinks, and buying autumn sweaters.  

....sorry I just had to take a moment to imagine that last option.  

So I kept my son Ethan home from school Monday with a cough I didn't like the sounds of.  The boys made a rocketship out of a box after breakfast, so, I decided we should do some special space day activities to keep him interested.  One craft was a big hit: Galaxy Crayons.  

We made each one to be like planet colours.. really easy to do and great way to rid yourself of broken crayons :)

What you need:
  • cupcake tray/some oven safe tray
  • broken crayons
  • glitter
Fill each circle 1/5th of the way with broken crayons, more colours the better, place on middle rack broil LOW for 2mins.. take out and cool for 10mins.. pop them out and colour!  

Ethan took a few of them for show and tell the next day and he came home pretty excited with his 'presentation' since everyone seemed to like them! Fun, fun day.. 

Tuesday, September 18

Someday isn't one of them

Another item off my back 30 list: have a running routine.

I'm going to play my 'I have three children' card.. which I promise I never really play.. in the fact it's hard for me to have routines for myself.  But here's where we stand today.

Things that helped me stay on a min. 3 day a week schedule:

  • c25k app, has a nice little set up to start you off/guide you
  • running partner
  • nice scenic area, wooded/lakeshore
  • 8tracks app, keeps music interesting.. oddly enough Rhianna's Birthday Cake is fantastic to run to! who knew??
  • posting my results and progress on facebook keeps me accountable, especially if I don't have a running partner that day

The biggest accomplishment in setting a routine is not letting any setbacks get you off track.  I am not so much of an unmotivated person as I am a maker of an invisible set of rules that if I ever deviate from, my plan just gets thrown out the window!  For this reason, and the last 4 weeks of running, I cross you off my list.. running routine!!    

Tuesday, September 4

Growing up vs Growing old

Coming home from the BBQ last night Ethan asked me in the car, his face painted like a golden cheetah, how much school he has to go to.  I said, like, all of it? He said yes.  I answered, from tomorrow until grade 12 and then University to find job he likes to do.  He asked me if he had to get a job and I said that he did, but that all his friends would have jobs too.  When we got home and I put them to bed Ethan had a requisite 'last question' of the night, which is usually asking when I am going to bed.  Instead he asked if he will get married.  I said fortunately, that was entirely up to him... you only do that if you want to.  Unlike being employed.  Then he told me he wanted to stop talking about that and move onto something else.

Nothing like my kid to twist the knife that is, to all parents, already painfully watching them grow up. THANKS KID.  Now I have to grow up too, just great!

"When I was a girl, my life was music that was always getting louder. Everything moved me. A dog following a stranger. That made me feel so much. A calender that showed the wrong month. I could have cried over it. I did. Where the smoke from the chimney ended. How an overturned bottle rested at the edge of a table.
I spent my life learning to feel less.
Every day I felt less.
Is that growing old? Or is it something worse?
You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” 
 Jonathan Safran Foer

Sunday, September 2

Small Kindness

Today my car just stopped in the middle of traffic and there I was by myself trying (an act of futility) to push it out of the road.  It was broad daylight by the way, on the busiest street I know of, and this woman stopped to help me while noting how many men drove past us.  I am the kind of person who wouldn't like to say she was right but she was, so I'll say it.. at least 10 cars passed me.  If they were men or not isn't the point to me at least.  About a minute after we started rocking the car up the curb two men did come out of nowhere to help push it up and off the road.. and while I thanked everyone for their help I still had what she said in my mind.  I suppose if nobody helped me I could have possibly been hit by a car as I tried to get it up the curb since I'd never leave my car sitting there blocking traffic like that.

It's amazing the moments you aren't prepared for yet can't get by without some small kindness.. and do not know where it will come from, but you somehow do expect it to come.  Why do we expect it will come?  I know for me I like to always assume the best from everyone I meet but it made me appreciate the help I did get even more.  Someone even stopped and gave me a ride for help after that and saved me about an hour, and I made sure to thank them profusely.

Not everyone acts the way we expect them to act.  I need to remember that.  And not take it to heart as much.

Thursday, August 30

Emptying my wallet

goodbye Vegas weekend..

Andrea visited home last weekend and we've already got to retell a lot of the stories from when we were there which was fun, as it was a very fun 4 days.. and got to look around her Mom's basement of old stuff and jam for the mysterious David Copperfield ('s autograph Andrea has).

I have an aversion to saying goodbye to anything, or getting to the end of some stories.  This is never good.  If I've learned anything it's that every story deserves it's end, only in writing it yourself can you give it the integrity that belongs to everything that happened before it.  For example the book I bought in the Newark airport (This Is Your Captain Speaking) I purposely did not finish the last chapter; there it sits on my nightstand since I got home last month as if the vacation wouldn't be officially over unless I read the last word.  Even though it's not particularly a great story it really doesn't deserve to go unfinished.  As a note, only I would buy a book to read on a flight that starts off with a plane crashing into the Hudson River.  I mean, really????

I don't think it's particularly weird to never want something to end but it's certainly never made my life any easier.  Every once in a while I have to empty my wallet whether I like it or not, and I find there's so much more room for other things that way.

Fun Fact: a Las Vegas RTC transit bus is called "The Deuce" 

Sunday, August 26

Frozen battle: Zoku vs X-Press Pop Maker

If you aren't familiar with the Zoku pop maker it's a super fast way to make any kind of popsicle you want.  My first thoughts with the Zoku were as follows:

  1. what the hell?
  2. it's too pretty
  3. more than 2 minutes is still too long to wait.. it's for kids, right?
  4. what kind of time do you think I have?
  5. this is so unnecessary that maybe I want one

NOT FOR THAT PRICE, ZOKU.. nomatter how many peppy-lady instructional videos you make! Then I run into it's competitor the X-press Pop Maker.  Note my unedited, non-dreamy photos.


I buy it on sale for $12.  My kids go batshit crazy for anything I make with these.. I just have to open the freezer and they go OH MY GOD IT'S THE RIGHT NOW POPSICLES! and I haven't even started with the cute cut out fruits because please, their waiting the 10 mins is hard enough.  

These are Raspberry Yogurt popsicles.  Raspberries were frozen from the garden, loved them!

All you have to do with both is freeze the base for 24 hours beforehand and then make sure you do not put any liquid in it that has no sugar (including natural sugar) plain water, or is carbonated.  It just won't work, and that seems to be the premise of the whole idea.  Here's the side by side.

  • price $12 (original $29.99)
  • makes 4 popsicles at a time
  • takes 7-10mins 
  • comes with 8 sticks, 4 drip guards
  • ice pop removal tool
  • price $73.44
  • makes 3 (2oz) popsicles at a time
  • takes 7-10 mins
  • comes with 6 sticks, 6 drip guards
  • ice pop remover tool 

Thursday, August 16

Stencil Project: stairs to playroom

I am pretty pleased with myself that I accomplished one of the ideas I had.. in a test area of the house.  This was valuable for three reasons

  1. It was a smaller area so I could finish quicker and estimate how much time my real project would take me
  2. If I screwed it up it would still be an improvement to beige nothing on your way to the playroom in the basement, where we hang coats anyway
  3. Lists make me feel like I've really made my point

The inspiration for my whole project was a fun wallpaper design by Orla Kiely called Multi Stem Wallpaper.  I decided to do my own thing with it and the paint I had wanted for the basement and I made the stencil myself from paper I bought at Michaels.  I might end up finishing this with a cream coloured stem or grey stem, I haven't decided.

Before: I used my kids to dress up my boring walls!  Hi, ti-dye Gabriel.

Pics: another section I did around the corner beside the door and view from the top of the stairs.  The large rectangular space is where the hat rack/coat hanger goes but that's hubbs job since it weighs 30 pounds and I am too proud of my work to wait for him to get around to it ;)

Total time for a person who doesn't do this stuff at all, and I mean at all: 2 hours

Estimated time it would take me to do the entire wall in Kieran's room as I had wanted, with multi-colours:  HOLY CRAP I DONT KNOW SEVEN HOURS???  Reconsidering my approach maybe.

Monday, August 13

The Simpsons just isn't good anymore...

I will admit I secretly think those picture with words things that I run into sometimes are hilariously teen-mo, however, I had no idea anyone shared my thoughts until I found this.  Enjoy!

Update on my stencil painting project:  
Trial run is going well!  So excited I started.  It's just a test area of the house at the moment.. aka the landing towards the playroom but so far everyone but Sean THINKS IT'S THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO PAINTING EVER.  SO much so that Gabriel took my brush and made some super nice unapproved paintings on the walls around the house.  Yay?

Friday, August 10

Summer 2012: do everything

This year has been crazy for me as far as worklife.. like really crazy.. so this summer has been spent with my time off spoiling the boys as much as possible with summer adventures.  Last weekend we were at Canada's Wonderland until it literally closed at 10pm.  I wish I had a video of me taking Ethan on his first roller-coaster ride The Fly.  It looks harmless enough but it does scare you, so, 3 seconds into it he was screaming "MY EYEBALLS ARE GOING TO FALL OUT, MY EYEBALLS ARE GOING TO FALL OUT" ... What?? haha.

Careful or they'll eat your Dad!

So here's my conclusion about summer; do everything.  The unspoken fun-less parent responsibility with children is that to have the fun sometimes you feel like you need to plan and organize the day as if it were a military attack.. making sure everyone is always at their optimal, least cranky, fun-having state of mind.  I'm not here to say that isn't true because it certainly is much of the time but it's SO much fun to throw that out the window some days.  When you can, do.  Never pass up an opportunity that isn't in your plan.  My natural state of being has always been that I like to consume everything.  My soul is happy to do everything.  Play with everything.  See everything.  Get every last drop out of the sunshine in a day.  Then do it again tomorrow.   It's indescribable to get those special moments with your child where they turn to you with a blissful smile on their face and whisper "this is beautiful".

Friday, August 3


I'm working (i.e. in my mind, where most of the work happens) on crossing off the next item of my list which requires me to complete a room in my house. I put this on my list because mainly decorating is something perpetually a work in progress.. the work being in my imagination and the progress being painful to watch.  Example: my 'decorate Easter' project.  I get caught up in the little things too often.. and, if there were ever a metaphor for my life that would be a pretty great one.

So goes my goal of completing something to my satisfaction.  You may laugh now, if you like!  I did.

That brings me to my choice of room.  Kieran's room.  I don't have a picture of Kieran's room when I started but it's pretty plain so not hard to imagine.  Instead, let's meet my subject.  He is 18months old in TWO days.  My sunshine, on this, a beautiful summer Friday.

says: HA-low!

He likes birds so I am going with a bird theme with creams, browns, blues and orange that matches his crib bedding.

I am going to attempt to PAINT a section of his room ....a stencil!!.. soon so I'll update when I do that.  Or fail at that, whatever may come.  For now I'll share some amazing stuff on the paper design site called Minted.  I'm obsessed with wall art, and now, all things Minted.  They design more than nursery art if you want to browse around.  Be prepared to love everything.

Photo sources: Minted.

Saturday, July 28

Full of what??

Warning: this is completely inappropriate.  Good news, I happen to enjoy inappropriate.  

I am reading an article on Reese Witherspoon's ranch decor.  It's exciting.. here's a screen cap of the photo and it's description.

Looks fantastic.... I hope one day my yard is also full of all of that.  But a regular amount. You know, whatever's healthy.

Hope everyone's summer is as sunny as mine is, especially if you are on vaycay!  Gosh I love summer. And gin.

Saturday, July 14

This one isn't about kijiji

The fact that Miley Cyrus was 8 years old when she was in one of my favourite movies makes me wonder how it is she is now engaged.

For real, wtf?  

Sunday, July 8


One Vegas story for you, before I am able to update fully (aka with pictures) that Andrea sends me.  We used my camera for HD video mainly for our Vegas Movie.. so you know that is coming at some point.  She's putting it together so I suggested a lot of star-wipe scene transitions.  Anyhow!

I bought two pairs of hellokitty sunglasses for Andrea and I to wear in Vegas.  Reason: none, fun, whatever. We wore them to the pool and on our last day I was swimming with them on and a 12 year old girl got my attention and gave me a "that's whats up!" nod, with some "you and me" finger motion.. herself wearing a pair of black ones.  

In one motion I knocked them off my face as if the sunglasses had morphed into a huge tarantula.  I just assumed there was nothing you shouldn't do in Vegas but I found one: look 12 in any way possible.
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