Wednesday, January 25

FUN FAIL: SUPERHERO PARTY FREE PRINTABLE IDEAS and other google key words you're going to type

First of all I'm not here to tell you that our party was the best Superhero party evaaaa.. on the contrary it wasn't pretty like the picture I put up a few posts ago and in fact we barely even had time to TAKE any pictures of the party.  It had a few cool ideas I thought the kids would like because truthfully, kids just like playing whatever they want to play anyway, and let's not forget the snow outside.  So here's a list of stuff I either used, meant to use, and it's ALL FREE because that's how I roll for kids parties.  And it's also how I roll for helping anyone out who spent 40 hours searching stuff online like I did.


  • Instead of capes which a lot of parties have, I decided to make the kids t-shirts.  All the t-shirts I bought at Michaels including the iron on paper.  I designed the logos and stuff on Skitch.  I also wasted a huge amount of time (which is why I'm a poor party planner) on making sure each of the logos had a superhero that looked like the kid they were for, hair colour and everything.  Ethan's was the only one that was different.

If I were to do this again, I would put more planning thought into how to iron something on the front AND back of a shirt without ruining the other side.  


Cupcake Toppers

I used a couple for the cake I made along with some candy pops I bought at Michaels.  Yes, everyone, hard to believe but I made this cake!  Why don't I have my own facebook group?

It looked slightly better than this in real life, somehow, but was there even one small slice left?  The Lego Star Wars cake from last year was barely eaten.  You decide what I know about cake.

Snack signs (I used blueberries, yogurt pretzels, grapes, bananas, veggie chips, carrots)
this was on the internet so I am pretty sure I won't go to jail if I share it

Lollipop mask and capes for the favour bags


  • Control panels the kids can make.  I replaced this cool idea with a Build your Supermobile table with Lego because I ran out of time to collect the supplies.
  • Cards and sticker printables Justice League.. colour your own or not, so cute
  • I made a BAT CAVE sign and filled a room full of cut out bats.  I didn't realize I was inviting the kids to kill the bats so maybe find some silly string for this.  
  • I also wasted my time and made the sign with glow in the dark paint because at 11am I can totally block out the sun... fun fail

TEEPEE your basement in paper Spiderwebs!
if you want a laugh don't explain to the kids what they should do with them and watch a few try and avoid them like an obstacle course.. yet they destroyed the bats.. makes no sense

Colouring the City.. I was going to do a wall of this but didn't have the printer power.. so I cut out Superhero colouring pages instead, taped them together on the table with crayons, masks and stickers.

Happy Birthday Banner letters here, you paste them on pennants you make from cutting out triangles of real comic books.  I'm sure you can eyeball the banner flag size yourself so I won't go find a link for  you, and you just hole-punch the sides to string it up.  I had only Betty and Veronica comics though and therefore didn't do this one in time.  Looked really cool though!

Enjoy your parties! hope you got some good ideas.


Jane Anne said...

Thank you! I got some great ideas for my son's party from your post.

Anonymous said...
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Lise said...

This is the best party post EVER! You are so like me. My son's party is on Friday from 4-6, Yeah it is Wednesday night, uh I mean Thursday morning and 1 am and I am just collecting ideas. Thanks for the fun, simple, FREE, ideas!

HSF said...

Is there a way to download the cupcake topper printable? It just keeps bringing me to the picture. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ha. Thanks for keepin' it real! Who can spend all year planning and prepping for a party!?! :)

Anonymous said...

your masked tootsie pops are stinkin adorable! Thanks for collecting all of this in one place. I'm doing a superman theme for my Ethan's 1st :)

Tiffany Stewart said...

Thanks for sharing the printables! And Ideas; I have been planning for months and tomorrow it all goes down. You have given me my final touch, cupcake toppers. Thanks again! And I think that Cake Looks great! ;)

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