Monday, January 23

Honk Honk Punch, gas gas gas

One of the things that bothers my hubbs about my driving is that I'm not 'agressive' enough.  In our relationship he is the Yin and I am, obviously, the other one who doesn't teach anyone any lessons via honking my horn or f-bombs that only people inside my car can hear.  I've had people nearly cause me to get in an accident more than a few times and still the most they get is a short honk to say "whats the matter with you, huh?"

However, I happen to be driving somewhere tonight and thinking on something that was bothering me when suddenly this car jets across two lanes to cut me off, but stops in front of me and puts their turn signal on as if we were in a turning lane.. which we were not.  It was a regular travelling lane and there was also no traffic coming so he could have turned at any time, literally.  I sat there in disbelief of course, and for some reason I just laid my fucking horn on until that asshole finally moved out of the lane/my way.  It was 30 seconds of AWESOME!

Do you know that honestly I felt so good afterward?  I don't know what it was but if I could only do that 100 more times I'm positive nothing at all would ever bother me about anything, ever again.


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