Thursday, January 5

None were Danny Glover

If 2012 has been much of anything so far, it's only been a reminder of all the things I should give up.. including this very blog which I've mentioned being on my 30th birthday.  How great that is coming up real soon, huh?  My reasoning at the time was that something which started when I was 19 should really be over by the time I'm 30.. and I'd have blogged about nothing for my entire twenties.  Kinda neat I thought. Pretty appropriate, too.

How did I ring in the new year?  Says the nearly 30 year old.. drinking spiced rum and cokes and playing Hedbanz with my friends!!!  Not ironically either, Kim searched for it and we had a shit tonne of fun playing for like 3 hours mostly because it does not get easier since you forget all the clues from your last turn.  For others I mean; I was still strangely good at it.  I guessed I was potato skin for gods sakes.. and poor Paul guessed he was Danny Glover every time it was his turn, and it was Danny Glover zero of the times haha.

Me and Kimmah

Kim: I'm a historical figure, am I a male? do I make people sad? ......................................I'M JESUS! 


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