Thursday, January 12

I'm not talking about a wolverine

I don't know if your house has one of these things..  these dirty, wild things, which are loud, demanding and sneak all over the house leaving death and destruction behind them.  I think they're technically called an almost 6 year old boy.  If you have one then you don't even need to read anymore.. and frankly I wouldn't be on the internet at all if I were you.  I'm sure there's some pee on the wall somewhere you need to attend to anyhow.  You're excused.

For everyone else, my pet wolverine is having a 6th birthday party next week.  So my mind is currently trying to be 6, and a boy, and figure out some fun superhero themed activities to entertain... what, 10? of his friends for 3 hours.  10??  Yeah my kid apparently is ultra popular or just hates leaving anyone out of anything.  If you think 3 hours isn't a long time.. I'd like to show you what happened the first 10 minutes when we tried to take our family Christmas picture.

All I keep coming across in my research of superhero parties is that you do not love your kids whatsoever (and they will KNOW IT) if their party doesn't resemble this...

9 hours of prep &  20 mins of enjoyment

I'm clearly not organized enough in my ideas to ever be a party planner.. or really anything with the word planner in the title.  Let's be serious, or hire someone to do it for me.  In the time that it's taken me to type this my 2 year old has sauntered downstairs from playing in the loft with his brother, wearing nothing but a diaper and carrying my yoga mat.  Before I can wonder where his clothes went to, my almost 6 year old is whispering in my ear that he needs to know where I hid the Lego jar-jar-binx RIGHT NOW.. oh and also where are we going today and also when is it going to stop raining and also look at me build R2D2's brother named R211.. oh and hey.. explain black holes to me.  This is normal.

I now forget any ideas I just had... but it whatever it is it will be a mess, have sugar, and be fun.  Pretty much the motto of my whole life.


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