Thursday, February 23

30 before 30: my temperamental memory

This 30 before 30 list will be also my count to my last blog post here.  I have no idea what my perspective in life would have ever been like without that 'spot' to have written things out, done nothing at all with, felt pressured when I've done nothing at all with it to write when I had nothing good to write, regretted writing things out that I shouldn't have written out at all, not written things I wanted to write out because I was afraid at what would happen if they were read, been grateful that whatever I've written because (good or bad) they had actually become a physical, readable, part of my own memory, and been totally embarrassed I had written whatever I wrote because it was LIKE YANNO a dumb or overly dramatic 20 year old thing to say etc.

Oh and in case nobody has noticed, I've known since University that although an English major I have quite the problem changing tenses when I write.  You're welcome for all of that horrible reading!

All of these reasons are why I think asgoodasitgets has lived up to the name I gave it; it's as good as this will ever get, as good as I could expect to make it, and that is usually when you should say goodbye.

I am ready for March 1st!*

*If I don't happen to meet my deadline, aka. the "before" in 30 before 30, I will still update until the list is completed.  I won't turn into a pumpkin.


Anonymous said...

Did you say "your welcome" on purpose, right after you talked about being an english major? Because if not then I'm worried.

ann.мarie said...

I was fairly distracted when I wrote this, so just a good old fashioned mistake! Relax, it's probably not a brain tumor...

...sorry, I am only used to my grandmother worrying about me.

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