Thursday, February 2

Happy Groundhog Day!

My baby's first birthday is on Sunday, and (wow, right?) and I really couldn't have three more different children.  Children who will continue to be even more different if just for having each other to grow up with.  I note their accomplishments and uniqueness every single day in my invisible mommy notebook, and try and give them the attention at times as they were my only boy in the world.  As only a mother who is an only child would need to do, I'm sure.

As you know though, I have an unmarketable talent for noticing things that look like other things.. and what else is Groundhog Day good for other than a day of unimportant news stories as well as celebrating things that stay the same.  So I will share a picture I made of smiles of my boys that I caught just before all three had their first birthdays.

Have a great day!


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