Wednesday, February 22


My dad, who is a 'real' photographer, makes fun of me for my instant-photography but I take no offense.. it's a FUN thing.  If I can be creative for 18 seconds a day, great!   So even though I do not normally do this I'm just going to redirect you to the blog eighteen25 that lists some of the cooler things you can do.   The list is pretty current so why improve on a good thing (when I don't have time)?  Right.

click and enjoy!

If you think that this is where I should put my fave-sta-gram pic of the week, I totally would, but I'm way too excited about this.....

Please ignore me and my giant disappointed sigh in the beginning.. it's caused by trying to videotape this for Dad 80 times, and 79 times he stops the minute I start!


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