Saturday, February 18

My 40 dollar story

When I was in Grade 8 we had spent a weekend at a summer camp with our class and the Grade 7s.  It was actually a 'spiritual retreat' but most of the activities were just regular camp stuff.  We did airbands to "Jump Around" in our rubber boots, tie dyed our shirts, played soccer games, went on canoe rides, told riddles at dinner, did a midnight hike etc.

Riddle of the Day:  Mary went to the store and she bought 3 for $10.  she went back and bought 67 for $20.  she went back a third time and bought 840 for $30.  What was it that she bought?*

So if you read the post a few days ago it will sound very normal when I tell you that I discovered in about 5 minutes that I was a little better at archery than everyone else, and therefore decided to take it REALLY FUCKING SERIOUSLY and archer everyone in my class into the ground.  You know for fun.  On our spiritual retreat.  So, it was going well, and the geography teacher Mr. Luciani happened to notice my utter lack of subtlety in being awesome.  He decided we'd have a pop the balloons in the bullseye contest.  It was between me and this kid named Cameron, who had freckles and was even more nervous than I was; in fact he seemed flat out scared.  Oh and just for posterity you should know I was wearing a t-shirt and jean overalls.. the really cool kind.  I had to take my windbreaker off the competition was getting so intense! Hahaha.

When I won the contest my teacher BETS ME $20 dollars I couldn't do it again in a very serious "I just took out my money" kind of way.  On a spiritual retreat.  So I did it, and took his $20 dollars, but did he not double or nothing me? he did.  I had no choice but to accept.  Imagine the attention this was getting at this point from all the kids not even just in my grade.. all because our teacher just started betting me real money.  Mr. Luciani started heckling me of course, I couldn't handle the pressure, and the bastard blew up the balloon way too much so the tension made it shift.  There went the $40 along with all my credibility.  Hilariously enough for the rest of the year this one kid in the hall would yell out "40 dollars!" whenever he saw me just to remind me of my failure.   If this was a lifetime movie I imagine this story would be written where I'm a total a-hole kid, my teacher is teaching me some life lessons, and then I get bullied at school.  Lol.  I swear it was all in fun though, I did not mind losing or getting called "40 dollars" for a year.  I actually love that story.

For some reason though that amount of money keeps reoccurring in my life.   Last year Kim gave me a totally street Kijiji nickname of "40 dollaz" due to some of the deals I get, without knowing the story I just told of course.  I am pretty good at it though.  Things I've bought for $40 include, but aren't limited to:

  1. a bunk bed
  2. a high chair
  3. a jumperoo, if you know what those are
  4. a car seat that matched the colour stroller I bought
  5. two vintage refinished Viscol dressers  <-- that's my favourite one if you can't tell

I just picked up the dressers last night and they are the coolest vintage dressers ever.  I'm decorating the boys attic bedroom in a sort of 1963 World's Fair theme and the dressers were a pretty important part.  I didn't even talk the guy down to $40 dollars.. I would have paid more but that was his asking price.  He also happen to be a really nice guy and we got on chatting about him selling his childhood house because his mother couldn't live alone anymore, which is why I was getting these dressers at all. That house also happened to be incredibly interesting in a time-stopped-passing sort of way.  There was an orange towel neatly hanging in the bathroom that I swear I've used before in the 80s.  My favourite part was when he asked me if I was a freelance writer because of my email address and I had a really good laugh because the only thing I write is this blog.. and I just can't cut out the swears enough.  I'm nothing if I don't have integrity in all the swearing I do online.  Ironically though I am writing about it right now, huh? 


*House Numbers


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