Friday, March 30

So did I make it?????

I only made my 30-30 list about a month ago and haven't actually been working all year at it, so, clearly I overshot that!  By the summer they should all be crossed off and I can update on them even though I've 'closed' asgoodasitgets.. let's not be dramatic!

My last day as a 20-anything is also without incident or dramatics.  I worked, got groceries, I ran around the house with my boys being a tickle-t-rex, I let my oldest boy stay up an hour later with me watching 'who do you think you are' (he was really into it), and I'm relaxing before bed.  I also just completed a 12 day detox so I'm not even that interested in birthday cake.. although I think I should have a little.

The best part of my day, without a second thought, was when my son Ethan came up to me too excited about his present to wait for tomorrow and sang "happy birthday to mummy" all by himself.  Inside the box, under the tissue paper, was two pairs of his 3D glasses so Sean and I can go to a movie :)

In my heart I know as long as that boy remembers my birthday, it doesn't matter at all if I'm turning 30, 40 or 50, it feels special.

Wednesday, March 28

Kinda Easter?

I wish I could say I've now crossed one more thing off my list, ie decorating for Easter.  I have decorated some but it just doesn't feel done as I never owned actual Easter decorations to dip into until now.  This is why I put it on my list because decorating for a holiday is not like my normal decorating style which is really simple.. plus my fireplace mantle has a big black TV on it so I'm trying to figure my way around that.  So far it looks kinda Easter, some spring, totally unfinished.  I will know when I am done I hope.  In the meantime here are some Easter things I like.

Sunday, March 25


"You ever look a picture of yourself, and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other peoples life have we been in. Were we a part of someone's life when their dream came true or were we there when their dream died. Did we keep trying to get in? As if we were somehow destined to be there or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone elses life, and not even know it." -OTH

Saturday, March 24

Ireland has stuffed crust pizza right?

Since I didn't update about crossing 'celebrate St. Patty's Day' off my 30-30 list, I might as well do that now.  I wish there were some great pre-story here as to why I've just never celebrated it before but the answer is very boring.. I've either been in school and not ever been friends with someone who would drink on a school night (Brooke was at a different university than me, likely why lol) and then either by chance I never made plans, then a lot of non-drinking for me!

Soooo what did this 29 year old decide to do on her very first Irish celebration?

DINNER AT PIZZA HUT WITH MY KIDS AND SHARING A SHAMROCK RING CAKE!  Then some beers when the kids were in bed ;)

I even put on festive gold and green eyeshadow!  Something a blue-eyed lady never does/probably should do, but for St. Patty's why not.  The boys and us really couldn't have had a better day, it was great.  From now on I guess our new Irish family tradition includes 'stuffed crust' and 'cake' !  Although a week into this cleanse I am really wary of us ever eating stuffed crust again, I guess once a year isn't so bad right?  I mean honestly, I've never heard a 2 year old say thank you so many times while eating dinner.. it was adorable!

Hope everyone also had a great 'green' day :)

Monday, March 19

Scale bandit

UPDATE: April 11 2012.  I finished the detox almost two weeks ago and even with the huge amount of sugar via 4 different birthday cakes, sharing a deep fried cheesecake from Brown Dog Frittery, and two huge Easter dinners, I have only gained 1 pound back.  I have even had some coffee, too, but generally we decided we liked eating a lot of what we were eating (or rather, did not miss what we cut out) and Sean found his body apparently really liked not having sugar and gluten.. so those are going to be out of our diet going forward as much as possible.  My total weight lost is an unknown because day 6 of 12 is the point where I actually broke down and bought a scale.  From those 6 days though I lost 6 pounds, so, if it was something like a pound a day like Sean experienced.. at least 10 pounds then I'll guess at being my total.  I wanted to make sure it was not water weight before updating this, but I think the fact we're sticking to the healthy clean unprocessed way of eating (minus the holiday food) has contributed to not gaining anything back.  I also did FEEL GREAT at the end of the cleanse and I'll be doing my blood soon to see my iron and thyroid levels.. perhaps it's made a difference?  

Something that I'm doing this week or two before my birthday I did not include on my 30-30 list, which is a whole body detox.  Maybe I can replace 'donate blood' with it because I am fairly certain at this point I will be turned down due to my low iron count.  Even with supplements I can't manage to keep it high enough.. I still hope I can though.

Anyhow, I have wanted to do a detox since last year so I finally am and I convinced my husband to do it with me.  Win-win! This is beginning of day 2 of 12 days (Wild Rose Detox) and so far it's pretty much what it's supposed to be.  I wanted to do this for the health benefits and not weight loss, and I have never owned a scale, but I wouldn't mind keeping track of my 'progress' near the end when sitting like a monk eating my brown rice in the dark has lost its excitement.  Other than my marker of fitting nicely into my little running shorts from last summer I don't have much else to measure this by.  Maybe I can just go use a scale at Home Outfitters for this purpose and when someone asks if they can help me I just run away!  Maybe even yelling out whatever number I weigh just to taunt them.  By the end of the 12 days I'm sure they will have a photo of me up in the store "don't let this woman weigh herself! she's on a detox and she is SO CHEAP"

I won't be updating what each day is like because there are tonnes of blogs about that you could read, mine would be full of TMI bathroom stuff and relating the taste of the drops you have to take with various horrible things everyday.. like garbage water.  However, I will likely let you know if my goal was reached at the end; which is, do I feel better?

There is no coincidence that we happen to start this after I crossed another thing off my list.. celebrating St. Patty's Day! ;)

Friday, March 16

your life

I believe there comes that point in life that no matter how things are going and how successful you are you just stop and frankly ask yourself, uh what am I doing?  Maybe you know things are getting out of control or it's for some self-assurance that yes, this is in fact what you want to be doing with your career, life, relationship etc. Like climbing a mountain and checking every once in a while that you are where you want to be.  And you say hey everything is cool, let's go forward.

Or, if you are like me you have an almost palpable fear of reaching your potential that several gut-checks are in order to make sure you don't FREAK OUT with the amount of things you've taken on/how far you're getting.  Like going into a restaurant and ordering the left side of the menu.  It's not the waiters fault when they bring it to you.

Thursday, March 15 least Cake made the top 5

I'm in the process of one of my list items, decorating the house for a holiday which isn't Christmas or Birthday.  Easter it is!  I keep running into Pintrest stuff and suddenly I discovered something really interesting... did you know "I" am on Pintrest?  Yeah!  Without knowing it, my website has been pinned by people.  Not for things I made or anything but just pictures I have.   And here I thought nobody was reading!

Except for those people who googled some horrible stuff to get here... you should be ashamed of yourselves!  Fun fact about my keyword stats...  what?

#5 is a tie for the words "jeff + bridges"

Another fun fact I'll share with you while I'm at it. Gabriel has two Tron action figures, one where you push a button and Jeff Bridges' character says "so you like bikes?" and every time it says that Gabriel emphatically tells it "UH HUH!!"

Tuesday, March 13

Purses and Cupcakes

My friend Kim had a great birthday by getting a surprise trip to Vegas with her husband and she sent me a picture of a display that made her think of me.

This is why having girl friends is nice.. they just get me *sigh*

Saturday, March 10

#27 DONE

I've meant to send my best friend Andrea, who lives in Calgary Alberta, a gift for a while.  I had the idea of sending her a mix tape around Christmas but since I haven't burned a CD since 2003, I decided to just send it to her online.

I called it Vegas Mix, I'm sure it will be playing while we're out in the desert burying the Werewolf.. he really shouldn't have followed us out there.

Wednesday, March 7


I don't know exactly why I had to include FIVE courses in my dinner party menu, it seems like people would be super full? but ask me do I care and, just like Jonah Hill in the movie Moneyball,  the answer is a flat - no I do not.  So I'm having some fun looking for an extremely delicious dessert first since 1. I like dessert the most and 2. you will really have to want something if it's the very last thing you eat.

Some recipes (from other blogs, who bake more than one awesome thing *ahem* blackbottom cupcakes) that I am considering, and therefore you might be interested in too, all involve cheese today.  And small portions so even if you're full, are you too full?

Sunday, March 4

Easy Bake

Before I even start this post I want to make something clear to everyone at home; ever needing to refer to your children, if you have them, by saying 'all' as in 'all of them' is a exceptionally weird thing for me to get used to.  Not the singular, not 'both' but all.. could be 3, could be 19 (it's 3).  That said, all my kids have consecutive birthdays in December, January and February.  I'm sure I will get the hang of planning these epic parties someday but this year I'd decided to bake all their birthday cakes myself.  Is it because I'm starting my own Facebook cake business, Ann's Crazy Cakes?  Unfortunately not.  It's not even an instance where I felt like I would even be good at it.  It just hadn't occurred to me until now that my children might actually appreciate my effort to bake them their birthday cake, no matter the result; and if they are anything like me.. especially if they can make fun of me for it later.    So let's see the results!!

Kieran's cake is locked away on someone's camera since mine died, but I know he enjoyed it.. 

Thursday, March 1

10 good deeds

One of the things on my 30-30 list is do 10 good deeds.  I am not going in any order here because why the hell should I do that?  So I added this because I didn't want to do just one good deed, anyone can do one good thing and I like to think I do good deeds regularly anyway but 10 seemed like I'd have to seek some out.  I won't list them all but I made it to 10 yesterday; I went looking in the classifieds to volunteer to take an elderly man in my area to Church on Sundays.  Another good deed that was a favourite was getting to give some infant snow suits away to families that needed them.  On that note I just wanted to mention that although it's not a 'good deed' by my classification (aka needing to go somewhat significantly out of your way for a person you don't know at no benefit to you) I get stopped while shopping an AWFUL LOT from other moms or grandparents asking me for advice on products to purchase.  I've never thought to do that myself but it's probably not a bad idea!  Plus, it's fun to be reminded that maybe I do know a thing or two about a thing or two ;)  Except dry ice, I still don't completely understand how that works.. mostly because I think I'd like the answer to be MAGIC!
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