Thursday, March 1

10 good deeds

One of the things on my 30-30 list is do 10 good deeds.  I am not going in any order here because why the hell should I do that?  So I added this because I didn't want to do just one good deed, anyone can do one good thing and I like to think I do good deeds regularly anyway but 10 seemed like I'd have to seek some out.  I won't list them all but I made it to 10 yesterday; I went looking in the classifieds to volunteer to take an elderly man in my area to Church on Sundays.  Another good deed that was a favourite was getting to give some infant snow suits away to families that needed them.  On that note I just wanted to mention that although it's not a 'good deed' by my classification (aka needing to go somewhat significantly out of your way for a person you don't know at no benefit to you) I get stopped while shopping an AWFUL LOT from other moms or grandparents asking me for advice on products to purchase.  I've never thought to do that myself but it's probably not a bad idea!  Plus, it's fun to be reminded that maybe I do know a thing or two about a thing or two ;)  Except dry ice, I still don't completely understand how that works.. mostly because I think I'd like the answer to be MAGIC!


Amber said...

I've been reading this thing since I was 17 when Brian said your rants (I miss the rants!) reminded him of me and now I'm 26 and this is very odd....not having it to read soon!

Happy almost birthday!

ann.мarie said...

Oh Amber, I miss you. Who knows, one day I'll start something else, more, ranty!

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