Thursday, March 15 least Cake made the top 5

I'm in the process of one of my list items, decorating the house for a holiday which isn't Christmas or Birthday.  Easter it is!  I keep running into Pintrest stuff and suddenly I discovered something really interesting... did you know "I" am on Pintrest?  Yeah!  Without knowing it, my website has been pinned by people.  Not for things I made or anything but just pictures I have.   And here I thought nobody was reading!

Except for those people who googled some horrible stuff to get here... you should be ashamed of yourselves!  Fun fact about my keyword stats...  what?

#5 is a tie for the words "jeff + bridges"

Another fun fact I'll share with you while I'm at it. Gabriel has two Tron action figures, one where you push a button and Jeff Bridges' character says "so you like bikes?" and every time it says that Gabriel emphatically tells it "UH HUH!!"

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Greta said...

Funny! I got excited when I saw someone had "pinned" me as well. :) Can't wait to see the results of your Easter decorating spree!!!

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