Sunday, March 4

Easy Bake

Before I even start this post I want to make something clear to everyone at home; ever needing to refer to your children, if you have them, by saying 'all' as in 'all of them' is a exceptionally weird thing for me to get used to.  Not the singular, not 'both' but all.. could be 3, could be 19 (it's 3).  That said, all my kids have consecutive birthdays in December, January and February.  I'm sure I will get the hang of planning these epic parties someday but this year I'd decided to bake all their birthday cakes myself.  Is it because I'm starting my own Facebook cake business, Ann's Crazy Cakes?  Unfortunately not.  It's not even an instance where I felt like I would even be good at it.  It just hadn't occurred to me until now that my children might actually appreciate my effort to bake them their birthday cake, no matter the result; and if they are anything like me.. especially if they can make fun of me for it later.    So let's see the results!!

Kieran's cake is locked away on someone's camera since mine died, but I know he enjoyed it.. 

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Greta said...

I loooove that you baked ALL your kiddos cakes -- you're my hero. :) Pretty sure no matter how many I have, I'll probably never be able to bake them cute {and er, edible} cakes. Way to go, girl! :)

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