Saturday, March 24

Ireland has stuffed crust pizza right?

Since I didn't update about crossing 'celebrate St. Patty's Day' off my 30-30 list, I might as well do that now.  I wish there were some great pre-story here as to why I've just never celebrated it before but the answer is very boring.. I've either been in school and not ever been friends with someone who would drink on a school night (Brooke was at a different university than me, likely why lol) and then either by chance I never made plans, then a lot of non-drinking for me!

Soooo what did this 29 year old decide to do on her very first Irish celebration?

DINNER AT PIZZA HUT WITH MY KIDS AND SHARING A SHAMROCK RING CAKE!  Then some beers when the kids were in bed ;)

I even put on festive gold and green eyeshadow!  Something a blue-eyed lady never does/probably should do, but for St. Patty's why not.  The boys and us really couldn't have had a better day, it was great.  From now on I guess our new Irish family tradition includes 'stuffed crust' and 'cake' !  Although a week into this cleanse I am really wary of us ever eating stuffed crust again, I guess once a year isn't so bad right?  I mean honestly, I've never heard a 2 year old say thank you so many times while eating dinner.. it was adorable!

Hope everyone also had a great 'green' day :)


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