Monday, March 19

Scale bandit

UPDATE: April 11 2012.  I finished the detox almost two weeks ago and even with the huge amount of sugar via 4 different birthday cakes, sharing a deep fried cheesecake from Brown Dog Frittery, and two huge Easter dinners, I have only gained 1 pound back.  I have even had some coffee, too, but generally we decided we liked eating a lot of what we were eating (or rather, did not miss what we cut out) and Sean found his body apparently really liked not having sugar and gluten.. so those are going to be out of our diet going forward as much as possible.  My total weight lost is an unknown because day 6 of 12 is the point where I actually broke down and bought a scale.  From those 6 days though I lost 6 pounds, so, if it was something like a pound a day like Sean experienced.. at least 10 pounds then I'll guess at being my total.  I wanted to make sure it was not water weight before updating this, but I think the fact we're sticking to the healthy clean unprocessed way of eating (minus the holiday food) has contributed to not gaining anything back.  I also did FEEL GREAT at the end of the cleanse and I'll be doing my blood soon to see my iron and thyroid levels.. perhaps it's made a difference?  

Something that I'm doing this week or two before my birthday I did not include on my 30-30 list, which is a whole body detox.  Maybe I can replace 'donate blood' with it because I am fairly certain at this point I will be turned down due to my low iron count.  Even with supplements I can't manage to keep it high enough.. I still hope I can though.

Anyhow, I have wanted to do a detox since last year so I finally am and I convinced my husband to do it with me.  Win-win! This is beginning of day 2 of 12 days (Wild Rose Detox) and so far it's pretty much what it's supposed to be.  I wanted to do this for the health benefits and not weight loss, and I have never owned a scale, but I wouldn't mind keeping track of my 'progress' near the end when sitting like a monk eating my brown rice in the dark has lost its excitement.  Other than my marker of fitting nicely into my little running shorts from last summer I don't have much else to measure this by.  Maybe I can just go use a scale at Home Outfitters for this purpose and when someone asks if they can help me I just run away!  Maybe even yelling out whatever number I weigh just to taunt them.  By the end of the 12 days I'm sure they will have a photo of me up in the store "don't let this woman weigh herself! she's on a detox and she is SO CHEAP"

I won't be updating what each day is like because there are tonnes of blogs about that you could read, mine would be full of TMI bathroom stuff and relating the taste of the drops you have to take with various horrible things everyday.. like garbage water.  However, I will likely let you know if my goal was reached at the end; which is, do I feel better?

There is no coincidence that we happen to start this after I crossed another thing off my list.. celebrating St. Patty's Day! ;)


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