Friday, March 30

So did I make it?????

I only made my 30-30 list about a month ago and haven't actually been working all year at it, so, clearly I overshot that!  By the summer they should all be crossed off and I can update on them even though I've 'closed' asgoodasitgets.. let's not be dramatic!

My last day as a 20-anything is also without incident or dramatics.  I worked, got groceries, I ran around the house with my boys being a tickle-t-rex, I let my oldest boy stay up an hour later with me watching 'who do you think you are' (he was really into it), and I'm relaxing before bed.  I also just completed a 12 day detox so I'm not even that interested in birthday cake.. although I think I should have a little.

The best part of my day, without a second thought, was when my son Ethan came up to me too excited about his present to wait for tomorrow and sang "happy birthday to mummy" all by himself.  Inside the box, under the tissue paper, was two pairs of his 3D glasses so Sean and I can go to a movie :)

In my heart I know as long as that boy remembers my birthday, it doesn't matter at all if I'm turning 30, 40 or 50, it feels special.


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