Tuesday, April 24

Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight

My 30th birthday party ended up being last weekend due to it being a busy few weeks, plus my best friend Brooke didn't move back home until after my birthday anyway.  We all went to this new bar + kitchen which was amazing, enjoyed some food some wine and I had the most fun night.  Here's where it gets boozy.  Tradition on your birthday is that you drink whatever is bought for you, my cousin decided she hated me enough to have not one but TWO tequila shots delivered (you can see number one in front of me in this pic).

I insisted that I was sure 30 year olds 'do' shots anymore.  She didn't agree.  In fact I think the last shot I ever 'did' was bought by her at my bachelorette, and that sucked more than I will ever admit.  I truly believe someone was trying to kill me.  This result was at least fun, just a whole lot of dancing, I believe I ate some strangers olives, and then I performed "We are young" by Fun. for everybody.  

Pardon my language, but tequila makes me think I am hot shit.  A la the end of the night.

That reminds me of the speech I wish I could give at Alisia and Justin's wedding next March, by including a little story about the night they met.  You see, I was somewhat responsible for them meeting.  I took my cousins to a house party where we made up a game of writing a nickname on everyone in black marker.  That is how Alisia gave Justin her phone number.. the rest is 7 years of history.. but I do believe when we all went to a Christening the next morning I had to find a sweater to cover up the permanent "HOT SHIT" written on my arm.  You just don't forget stories that end like that.

Wednesday, April 18

Let's go with Easter 2013

I crossed decorating for a holiday that wasn't Christmas or Birthdays off my list, so here are the amazing and complicated results! I know it might be hard to take it all in, and you can thank my ability to not be able to decide on anything and also having a huge TV to work with. Luckily I didn't make the rule for accomplishing this for it to be AWESOME but maybe that's just something to work towards next year?  We'll go with that.

Sunday, April 8

When I was 17

Yes! I am still updating as I cross new things off my 30-30 list, which may either confuse you since it's past my birthday, or get you excited since this was a pretty anti-climactic way to end an 11 year old blog.  When the list is through I might type something up about ending asgoodasitgets but I really haven't had the time to think about it.

So you will see #1 is done.  Epic 4-day trip with Andrea to Vegas is booked!  I think the last trip we went on together was at camp with our Grade 7 class.. it was less fun than this is going to be.  I wish I were exaggerating when I say it will probably be the best trip of my entire life, or as Ethan would say.. I'm being double true.  I am so excited that I'm making us some fake IDs that we won't even need.

Yes, we're both going to have the same one.  I don't make sense when I get this excited... and that's just a FACT.

Until next time!

Thursday, April 5

30 candles

My birthday ended up being full of really funny stuff that happened.  In the morning a friend of mine and I went to the salon to get blonder/summer'er for me and we chatted etc. The girl doing her hair was a bit slower than mine so she was getting annoyed that my friend kept facing me to talk, kept snapping her head back and then actually turned her around.  My grade school teachers would be satisfied to know that even on my 30th birthday I still get separated for talking too much to my friends!  That wasn't the funny part I mean though, so, while she's turned around I'm laughing that I got her in trouble and go return a birthday phone call.  My friend chats up the lady she is facing now about stuff etc and when I get back I see that woman is either a) so in love with her hair she doesn't know what to do with herself or b) she absolutely hates her hair.  PS IT WAS B.

This woman treated us to a salon tirade I have never heard before and I loved it!  Apparently they let the woman who made my tea style her hair.  She had a wedding to go to and told them she needed to be out of there by 1pm so not only did she HATE it, and it looked exactly like it did when she came in, but she had no time for them to fix it so three people had to rush over to try and calm her down.  I was almost sad we had to go because I'd love to know how it turned out.

Anyhow after that I spent the day with the kids the other birthday treat was dinner with just me and the hubbs at a restaurant called Tappo's in the (historic) Distillery District of Toronto.  Pretty cool area if you haven't been as I hadn't, but when we got there for our late reservations we noticed everything was hard to find since it was poorly lit.. in fact everything looked closed except for this huge band playing in the square (for me, maybe? nah).  There were all these people there, with kids even, holding candles and whatnot... neat, I guess?  We thought we might be late for our reservations until we realized the restaurant was behind the band playing.  When we get to our table I notice, hey, I know candle light dinners are great but they kind of went crazy with it.. candles everywhere!  Then it hits me.

Yes, we made reservations for Earth Hour and had no idea.

We didn't even realize we had oil and vinegar on the table until the lights came on, that's how dark it was, at our own table.  Luckily it really was a fun evening and the food and wine was fantastic, aaaaand we got to enjoy dessert with lights ON.  Best end to the night is when we stopped at the Mill Street Brewery Pub and had a pint of fresh organic.. sooo awesome.  Definitely spending some time in summer there with friends very very soon.
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