Tuesday, April 24

Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight

My 30th birthday party ended up being last weekend due to it being a busy few weeks, plus my best friend Brooke didn't move back home until after my birthday anyway.  We all went to this new bar + kitchen which was amazing, enjoyed some food some wine and I had the most fun night.  Here's where it gets boozy.  Tradition on your birthday is that you drink whatever is bought for you, my cousin decided she hated me enough to have not one but TWO tequila shots delivered (you can see number one in front of me in this pic).

I insisted that I was sure 30 year olds 'do' shots anymore.  She didn't agree.  In fact I think the last shot I ever 'did' was bought by her at my bachelorette, and that sucked more than I will ever admit.  I truly believe someone was trying to kill me.  This result was at least fun, just a whole lot of dancing, I believe I ate some strangers olives, and then I performed "We are young" by Fun. for everybody.  

Pardon my language, but tequila makes me think I am hot shit.  A la the end of the night.

That reminds me of the speech I wish I could give at Alisia and Justin's wedding next March, by including a little story about the night they met.  You see, I was somewhat responsible for them meeting.  I took my cousins to a house party where we made up a game of writing a nickname on everyone in black marker.  That is how Alisia gave Justin her phone number.. the rest is 7 years of history.. but I do believe when we all went to a Christening the next morning I had to find a sweater to cover up the permanent "HOT SHIT" written on my arm.  You just don't forget stories that end like that.


Greta said...

How cute are you?! :) I don't do shots. I used to try and just ended up sipping them. Not cool! Glad you had fun!

ann.мarie said...

Haha, you know I am sure anyone who actually looks really cool doing shots ends up spending their 30s in prison. Having fun is always the coolest :)

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